Worrier or Warrior

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…for praying on ThePrayerZone this past year. It was a good year with a lot of work being done for the Kingdom through prayer!

Recently I read two quotes about being a Prayer Warrior that made me think of all of you!

The first quote is from Ann Voskamp in her book, The Broken Way. She simply states, “Be a prayer warrior. Not a panicked worrier.”  We have a choice.

Sometimes it is easy to default to worry. We worry about the state of our youth, the deep troubles they face, and we might start to doubt that things could ever get better.

But Prayer Warriors, well you flat out refuse to doubt God’s power and His desire to rescue teens and young adults. You just keep praying.

Bill Hybels’ gives the following definition of a prayer warrior in his book, Too Busy to Pray, “A prayer warrior is a person who is convinced that God is omnipotent – that God has the power to do anything to change anyone and to intervene in any circumstance.”

I believe that describes all of you.

We are so honored to have you doing ministry alongside of us through prayer on ThePrayerZone. It is our hope that you will continue to join us in prayer this year, believing that God will intervene in every situation we lift before Him.

Praying and Believing,

Jen DeJong

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