“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints

With deepest sadness

This is difficult … and unexpected.

Our beloved friend, Dawson McAllister, has gone home to be with the Lord.

Dawson was undergoing heart surgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center and did not make it through the surgery.

We are deeply saddened — and quite frankly stunned — but we do not grieve as those without hope.

Today, Dawson is with his First Love, his Savior, who he so faithfully served for over six incredible decades of heart-felt, transforming ministry.

I have already spoken with so many of you who loved him and are heartbroken, as are we all.  I ask you to please be in prayer for his very beloved wife, Ruth Hill, sons, Fulton and Gene, and granddaughter, Addison… as well as all of Dawson’s extended HopeLine family, who will be grieving this tremendous loss. At this time, please give the family space in their grief.

I know his family will be grateful for your words of comfort and encouragement, which you can leave in the comment section below.

Without a doubt, Dawson will be greatly missed — but his life’s ministry to the young people of America will continue.

The Board of Directors and Dawson have made careful plans for the ongoing ministry of TheHopeline.

The mission of reaching hurting and broken teens and young adults with God’s transforming love will continue unabated. 

This generation needs God’s saving love today as much as it did yesterday. As one of our team members said so succinctly, “Dawson’s work is complete, while ours continues on.”

Further details about arrangements and plans to honor Dawson’s life, work, and friendship will follow.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

Tim Altman

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  1. What a great man who has done great things through the Lord. My deepest sympathies. His family and everyone there are in my prayers. He is in a great place in heaven! I am so glad and honored to have known and met him over the years. Truly a great man! Soon it will be time for others to take over where he has left off. He will forever be with those to guide them. Steve Gnoza

  2. I have supported this ministry since I was a teenager (I am now 45) and was moved to tears as Dawson saved a young woman on air from taking her life.
    His passion for the souls of youth was amazing. The mystery of pain and suffering is only a mystery to us mortal humans. God can see the big picture and only worshipping the Christian God (who came in the flesh and suffered among us) makes sense in light of suffering.
    Well done good and faithful servant–Dawson.

  3. Our hearts break on our loss of Dawson. As one saved as a mid-aged adult, I was still drawn to Dawson’s radio ministry and have supported it for 30 years. We grieve and will continue to uplift his family, colleagues and the rest of our support family. We are so glad we had the opportunity to visit the set and meet Dawson personally and to speak with him last month.

    In peace and love. We will see you again, Dawson.

  4. Heartbreaking to hear… what an amazing life of serving Jesus that Dawson has left for us. We will all leave this earth one day, but it’s so hard knowing how much he will be missed….. prayers for the family and ministry staff. Dawson set the bar high, now let’s continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ…..

  5. To Dawson’s Family, Loved Ones, and all in the Dawson McAllister, Hopeline Ministry,

    Words cannot begin to express the sadness I feel at this moment. I am so sorry to hear that Dawson has passed away. I know this leaves such a hole in the hearts and lives of so many, and my sincere sympathies, thoughts, and prayers go out to you all.

    His life and legacy has spanned decades, helping countless numbers of teens and young adults; and I remember listening to him on KTIS Radio in St. Paul, MN, since the 70’s. Please know that I will continue to support the Dawson McAllister Ministry, and will be praying for all those who will be taking on new responsibilities.

    With my deepest sympathies and prayers,
    Maureen Engles (and Don)

  6. Don’t know the author but I share this quote as it seems so fitting of the kind of person Dawson was: Life should not be a journey with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ‘WOO-HOO! What a ride!’

  7. I will so miss Dawson’s calm and never wavering voice On air and during our online prayer meetings. Men like him are few and far between in a whole generation. What a tremendous legacy he leaves us with. I hope that all supporters will be more dedicated to the purpose of this ministry going forward than ever before. Being a part of this ministry for many years as a hope coach and supporter has blessed me beyond description.

  8. Tim, many years since working on the conferences on Tulsa, OKC. Dallas/Ft. Worth!! My heart aches for Ruth Hill. My wife was quadriplegic from MS in later years. With the Lord for four years. We had dinner with them in our home in OKC many years ago. Been seminary/Bible college youth ministry prof for 25 years now!! Still using Dawson material and stories.

  9. Dawson will be greatly missed, he was loved by many of us. Ruth Hill, Fulton and Gene are in our prayers for comfort and peace at this difficult time. We know his ministry to your adults will continue as will our support for his powerful ministry.

  10. Mr. Dawson spoke at a youth camp 30yrs ago, which helped establish my young faith and understanding of who Jesus is and what He went through on the cross for us. I am forever grateful to Dawson and am looking forward to seeing him again one day.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Dawson will be greatly missed. My condolences and prayers are with you. May God bless and keep you and give you peace.

  12. My sweet dear friend Dawson, your mission here on Earth was one you excelled on. I am so sad to not get one more word or hug on this side of life but I am excited you are with our Savior. Enjoy yourself and help prepare my room. Your mission lives on not only with the Hopeline but those of us who were changed because of you. I will always carry a part of you in my heart. Praying for Ruth Hill, your family, and your ministry family.

  13. Such a loss. Dawson’s emails about Fulton gave such relevant, heartfelt affirmation and hope to all, especially in these difficult times when we are tempted to forget that God always has control.
    When Dawson first came on the air back in the 80s,I remember thinking that finally, young people had someone they could talk to on the air in a non-judgmental way. I believe that his broadcasts gave hope to millions who had previously felt all alone in their problems. Dawson was a pioneer. He will be missed but Praise God! His legacy will live on.

  14. My heart is filled with sadness. As I read each of your posts, I remember what Dawson had meant to me, as he did to each one of you. Hearing him for the first time on the radio in CA(yes, his reach was all the way out here,) I was amazed at the boldness in which he fought for the lives of the lost, in the name of Christ Jesus!👆 He was truly anointed by God, for his calling on this Earth, No One would doubt that! AND WE could feel God’s love for those who suffer and struggle the most on this earth, through the way he touched each caller. And so MAY WE rejoice with the heavenly hosts of the homecoming that our Lord is greeting Dawson with, and the pure Joy he is experiencing in heaven, because of God’s great love ❤❤❤ 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear this! Sending love and prayers for the family! He was such a special man who’s heart was his family and the youth he worked for. He will be greatly missed!

  16. I am so shocked but also grateful because he is with our Savior. I can truly hear God saying, well done my faithful servant. Dawson is an inspiration to all of us, how much one life can make a difference. Think of all the “one lives” he has helped overcome the thought of suicide through this incredible ministry. My heart goes out to his family. Although we know where he is, it does not end the feeling of sadness and loss. I trust they will focus on feeling the loving arms of Jesus comfort them through all of this. He lived his life to the fullest and definitely left his footprints in the sands of time. God is truly blessing you Dawson and I am honored that I have been part of this ministry for almost 20 years. Thank you, faithful servant!!!!

  17. Tim and all, thank you so much for the beautiful tribute, but very sad news that Dawson has passed. Words cannot express how he and his team impacted my life and the lives of so many. In my short-shortsightedness I saw him with many more years of work to do on this earth, and am truly shocked by this news. But I have full confidence that God’s timing is perfect and that Dawson’s work here was done – may he rest knowing he did the work of a good and faithful servant. My love and sympathy go out to Ruth Hill, Gene, Fulton and all the DMA staff. I know his passing leaves a gaping hole that will be filled by God’s faithful plan. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ( Jeremiah 29:11). Blessings to all.

  18. My deepest condolences to Ruth Hill and all of Dawson’s family. This is a shocker. I remember being introduced to this ministry as a teenager when I first moved to the U.S. 22 years ago. I feel as though this ministry has been a part of my life all these years. Dawson will be missed, but indeed, we do not mourn as those without hope. May he rest well with his Lord.

  19. I am so saddened to hear that Dawson did not make it through surgery! We were praying for him at Direct Line. It’s so heartbreaking. I remember the times that he’s been to Sioux Falls, SD. He was such a voice of encouragement to young people, and he will be greatly missed. The world has lost the voice and presence of a mighty warrior for God. Blessings be with his family🙏

  20. Loved listening to Dawson, he definately made an impact in the younger generation and Older as well. he is definately going to be missed, God bless his family through this difficult time

  21. Such a terrible loss….deepest condolences to Dawson’s family who are left to grieve. Continued prayers for Fulton, and may our Lord give each of you the strength to endure these tragic events. In Jesus name Amen

  22. What a treasure to Youth Ministry, Dawson was a great man that I was blessed to know for the last 20+ years. May God’s richest blessings fall upon his family

  23. Deepest sympathy to Dawson s family. Hope you are comforted in knowing he is with our Lord. He did a great work for struggling young people everywhere. Even for his own family. His work on earth is finished. God is good and merciful. And He loves you all. Continueing in prayers for you all and the ministry. Love you.

  24. Such a compassionate heart, persevering spirit, and luminous soul – dear Dawson, a mighty warrior over the youth of this nation. I am so saddened by this news, but you’re right, Tim, we do not grieve as those with no hope. Family and all of you are in my prayers. May God comfort and carry all of you through this difficult time.

  25. We are so saddened to hear about Dawson;
    but what a great servant for the Lord.
    Prayers go out for all his family ,close friends,
    and the continuation of his ministry.
    In Christ’s love.

  26. Our deepest sympathy to Dawson’s family. It is difficult to deal with the after effects of losing someone on this earth unexpectedly, but it is of great comfort to know there is only the greatest joy in the life everlasting. Love and prayers to them and to all of the members of the Hopeline family.

  27. Our hearts go out to Dawson’s family and ministry co-workers. He was a wonderful man with a big heart that touched so many lives. We listened to him as teenagers, and we are thankful that we got to know him as adults and help in a small way with his ministry. Dawson will be greatly missed.

  28. So sad and so shocking! Much love and prayers for his family and friends. I am so sorry! He was a wonderful man who did many wonderful things for others. I know the Lord said to him, “ Well done thy good and faithful servant.”

  29. Sorry to hear that Dawson McAllister is now longer living with us . He was such a blessing and inspiration to so many . I attended several youth conferences and loved hearing him speak so boldly and passionately about his love of Jesus Christ. Loved also hearing music of Al Denson , Al Holley , Todd Proctor ,and Joel Engle . Back when his talk program first aired on KTIS FM 98.5 in my home state of Minnesota in the late 80’s , my cousin and I volunteered once a month to screen the callers for them . It was such a blessing and an enjoyment to do that. Also my pastor of my church at the time was from Dawson’s home church . In fact we had Todd Proctor and Joel Engle stay over one year after a conference and give us a concert. Oh what a legacy for Jesus Christ he left for many generations. I will be praying for his family.I can’t wait to be reunited with him someday soon !

  30. First found Dawson on secular “top 10” radio station about 10 years ago. I was a youth pastor with my wife at the time. I always appreciated Dawson’s care in talking with people. Time progressed, we moved to another church and I ended up losing my wife in a car accident. I forgot about Dawson’s show for a while-picked it back up and am now remarried. Dawson’s temperament and allowing people to speak has taught me in how to speak to others in their trials, because I was at one point going through my own trial.
    Dawson has a great legacy, I know he affected many. Prayers for the family and friends of this great man.

  31. Dawson had a huge impact on my life when I went to a couple of his conferences in middle school and high school. I really enjoyed listening to him and Al Denson. Later, I would listen to his radio show while traveling back and forth to college. God used him in a mighty way in the lives of young people! He will not be forgotten. I will pray for those who are affected by this tragic loss.

  32. Oh goodness! Joy for him and sadness for us here. I listened to Dawson McAllister as a teenager in the 90s and loved calling in to the radio show. Glad he could influence others to know Christ.

  33. Oh goodness! Joy for him and sadness for us here. I listened to Dawson McAllister as a teenager in the 90s and loved calling in to the radio show. Glad he could influence others to know Christ-myself included.

  34. I’ve so admired Dawson’s deep love for Christ and helping people. He didn’t pick the easy battles, he was just fine going where he knew there was a real fight for souls. I will pray for God’s Peace for everyone whom Dawson touched and loved.

  35. Dawson McAllister was an amazing man of God. My deepest condolences to all who were close to him. I attended his conferences in Minneapolis the first weekend over the years in my youth. I still remember the things he taught about Heaven, healing, our walk with the Lord, etc. His sayings and phrasing were the best and we’re always easy to remember. I am so thankful we have so much of the work he has allowed God to do through him in audio and written form. May many come to know Jesus through the continued work of his ministry until He comes again for the rest of us.

  36. Been listening and talking to Dawson for about ten years through text and his periodic group chats and prayer meetings. My wife and I have followed the Fulton journey and could relate to many of his feelings, since our own son’s death at 11 years old.
    Dawson was an inspiration to so many teens and God’s voice came through him loud and clear. That is a gift from God.
    As Dawson would say, God is not a minute too early or too late. So Dawson’s death and entry into heaven was right on time. I hope we all can use Dawson and his ability to caregive for Fulton and teens in crisis, as our model going forward.
    In Christ
    Cal Hays

  37. Our love and prayers go out to Dawson’s family (direct and ministry). I remember hearing his voice on the radio over 20 years ago (before I came to Christ). It was soothing and non judgemental. He gave out Biblical advice bluntly without being condescending. We will miss Dawson greatly, but I hope we can all be comforted by the time we had with him and knowing he is Home with our Lord!

  38. My sincere sympathy to the family and close friends. The grieving process is hard as we that are left behind. The hole n our hearts is big. Time will ease it as we recall fond memories. May this acute grief time be softened by our Lords promise that Dawson is now at peace. Know how much he gave and how it has helped so many through trial and tough times. In Christ’s love I pray for your comfort during this time. Kathe

  39. Dawson will always be remembered. Dawson was a kind and caring and gentle person. Dawson did a lot of good.

  40. My prayers are with him, his wife, and the rest of his family. I hope you can be comforted by how much he meant to so many others who were troubled or needed encouragement. God bless you all!

  41. I am so saddened by the passing of Dawson! His weekly letters touched my heart and I know touched the hearts of many others! He continued to seek the Lord and uplift us all during the many times when he was experiencing his own pain and dispair. He will be greatly missed!

    I pray the Lord bless all of his family
    with peace, comfort, and strength!


  42. We happened to find Dawson’s radio broadcast about 20 years ago and were so touched by his compassion for hurting young people. We’ve been following and supporting his ministry ever since. When he moved to heaven, we are sad for those left behind, but we know he’s having the time of his life. And he has so many crowns to lay at the feet of Jesus!

  43. Dawson didn’t only give hope to the young but to older guys like myself too. As a single Dad to (2) sons I would listen to Dawson share Christ with young people and I learned valuable lessons as a Dad in the way he ministered to teens and young adults with all kinds of struggles. His passion and love for them came across loud and clear. My condolences to his wife, children and grandchild. May you feel the arms of our loving Savior wrapped around you while you grieve your loss.

  44. We were so sad to hear of Dawson’s death. What an enormous loss. Please know that we are praying for you as you grieve, remember and miss him.

  45. Praying for your family during this time. The soothing tone, calmness when spoke, compassionate voice who could truly make you feel his love for the other person on the line will be truly missed. Making sense of things to some who may have had a hard time finding light in a situation at that time. I guess God had a bigger mission for him in Heaven to attend to. Will truly be missed by many & I’m quite sure many have him to be thankful for helping them through a difficult time in their lives. Prayers, hugs & lots of love being sent to your family.🙏

  46. May the good Lord comfort the hearts of those that Dawson has left. Though I haven’t known Dawson that long, it’s evident from testimonies here that his was a life well-spent in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    “Fair thee well thou faithful servant”. 😢

  47. Dear Dawson and family, the great commission you lived as Jesus gave us on this earth. Thank you for giving your loving and caring voice as a servant of our God to the precious young hearts calling in needing your encouragement and HOPE! We will hear again as God calls each of us home.🙏

  48. I worked for Dawson for a short time on the live radio show. Even though that was 27 years ago, there are many of his phrases/advice/witty comments that have stuck with me this whole time. Our time together was short, but he made a huge impression on me. About one year ago, I got on the list for the “Life Lessons” email. Those emails were such a blessing. Again…words that would stick with me throughout the week. Ruth Hill, Fulton, Gene and Addison…my heart is heavy for you all and am so sorry about this unexpected sadness. I’m praying and thinking of you very much.

  49. Praying that God the source of all comfort, will comfort Dawson’s wife, children, grand child and ministry members.
    Be rest assured that God will never leave you nor forsake you. Reach out to him in times of need and He will supply all your needs in Jesus name.

  50. I am so saddened by this loss. I read every e-mail newsletter he sent out for the last few years. I was moved by his faith, especially as it related to his son, Fulton. He admitted when things were difficult, but his trust in God and God’s plan never wavered. I will miss his insight.

  51. I am saddened to hear the news of Dawson’s passing. My years as a volunteer and staff member from 1992 to 1997 at Shepherd Productions have been the foundation of me working in Christian media ministry for now almost 30 years. Prayers for God’s comfort for Ruth Hill and family.

  52. I’m so sorry for your loss. It has been a pleasure to work for Dawson all these years. He will be missed greatly.

  53. We listened regularly to The Hope Line on WBMJ in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was so inspiring and encouraging to hear young people respond to the message of Jesus Christ, turning their lives in a new direction, or gaining hope to turn them from suicide. In fact, one young woman in our church received help by calling the Hope Line from Puerto Rico.

    We were sad when the program stopped airing here, but have been following the newsletters and praying for Dawson, his wife Ruth Hill, and especially Fulton. We are sad to hear that Dawson has left this wonderful ministry and his family behind. But we praise God for a faithful servant who was always courageous and determined to shine the light of Christ into this dark world. We will continue to pray for Fulton, the ministry, and other requests mentioned in your newsletters.

  54. Heaven surely has gained a mighty saint! Having met Dawson on a few occasions, and serving in various ways in his ministry outreach for many years, I must say that there are some big shoes to be filled here on earth as we endeavor to continue what he has started and nourished so well over the decades. God will use us all to help to fill that void, though it just won’t be the same without Dawson. May God bless his family during this difficult time.

  55. I will never forget Dawson. He, along with my wife Chistine, are responsible for me finally coming to Jesus. I would listen to his radio show while returning home from weekend drills and was amazed at the way he could express the love that Jesus had for us. His ministry impacted lives young and old and is responsible for saving the lives of so many. I considered him a personal friend and every once in awhile he would call to see how we were doing and always asking if there was something he could pray about for us. He always put the needs for others before himself. This is one man GOD will truly say to “Well done good and faithful servant”. Christine and I will continue to support this ministry and pray for his family.

  56. As long time supporters of Dawson McAllister Ministry, he will surely be missed but we are hoping and praying his ministry will carry on. We visited him two times and each time he was so glad to see us. So privileged to be a part of his ministry. His ministry has changed so many lives. Prayers for each of you. Paul and Sherry DeBoer

  57. Dawson will be greatly missed — but his life’s ministry to the young people of America will continue.

    The Board of Directors and Dawson made careful plans for the ongoing ministry of TheHopeline. Dawson’s mission of reaching hurting and broken youth and young adults with God’s transforming love will continue unabated.

  58. We have followed Dawson’s ministry for many years and admired his steadfast and unwavering love for people, especially for youth. Dawson may “see” the breadth and depth of what his ministry was (and will continue to be) now that he truly SEE. Dawson’s life and the lives of his family who remain are ALL a testimony to God’s faithfulness. No one can say that any of you — Fulton, Ruth, Dawson, Gene —had it easy. Hebrews 10: 23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. 24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, 25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. Dawson did this and we know his family did it right alongside him. May the God of all comfort, comfort you.

  59. Thank you for living your life for Jesus….
    Am happy you are resting in His bossom.
    Thank you for the selfless service your life was characterized with while on earth….
    Keep resting Dawson.
    We love you but Jesus love you more.

  60. I listened to Dawson’s radio broadcast in the mid-90’s when I was a lost young woman in my 20’s. I can still hear his voice. Without a doubt, the Lord used Dawson’s ministry to draw me, call me and save me. I look forward to meeting him and thanking him in heaven one way.

  61. My heart breaks for Dawson’s family, friends & church family. I met Dawson in the 80’s when he spoke @ First Southern Baptist Church in Del City, Ok. So blessed to know him & the privilege to pray for his ministry over the years.

  62. As a partner working with DMLive for many years I am really saddened by the news as a champion of helping young people has been lost. My heart goes out to his family and because Dawson so often used his relationship with Fulton to speak to people in his devos, my heart goes out to Fulton especially. I remember listening to hours of his broadcasts looking for tips to help young people. I was always struck by his cander, shooting straight even if it may have been tough to hear by those who called him, yet also loving on them and never hesitant to share the gospel with those same young people
    We literally received thousands of messages from young people from his broadcasts and his website, and tried to extend that same message to all who came. We are sorry for the loss but we also rejoice in the news of Dawson’s promotion and look forward to seeing him in the future.

    Warren Heinrichs
    Digital Strategies / Power to Change

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