Our Core Values at the Dawson McAllister Association


  1. Keep God First – Glorify God and embrace His will in all we do by putting God first and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

  3. Focus on Prayer – Keep our focus on prayer in all we do, giving gratitude, and asking for forgiveness when we fail.

  5. Follow the Golden Rule – Treat others as we wish to be treated: through kindness, integrity, and honesty in all we do.

  7. Achieve excellence – Demonstrate our skills and commitment to accomplish our mission using technology and innovation. We are open to change, cultivating & training our staff. We set tangible benchmarks for our organization and strive to routinely achieve them.

  9. Be Relevant – Know our audience, learn about them, and understand them. Provide content and resources that are relevant to teens & young adults and remain a valuable resource in helping them to do the right thing and help others do the same.

  11. Pursue Synergy – Grow as a multifaceted Christian ministry working alongside our Partners and
    Donors to reach the common goal of helping others.