Psalm 138:8

Update on Ruth Hill and Fulton

What a time this has been these last few weeks!  I never thought I would be alongside my wife, Ruth Hill, fighting cancer but here we are, in a battle with this cruel disease. She’s fighting two types of cancer, uterine and breast. The operation to remove the uterine cancer has already taken place. It went well, all things considered. We are still waiting for the results of the biopsy of her lymph nodes. Her breast operation will take place next Tuesday, June 25th. It too brings its own challenges.

Fulton’s in the Hospital 

Our biggest challenge at this moment is Fulton. He’s now in the hospital with his own battle. In the last few days, he has become increasingly sicker with a Urinary tract infection and pneumonia. His temperature has spiked, and his white blood cell count is low. The doctors are running tests to figure out what other infections he is carrying. The medication they have given so far has not worked. We are all deeply concerned yet trusting God to miraculously heal him!

I know I have been asking you for a lot but I’m reaching out to you again because I know God answers your prayers. Your responses and encouragement have been awesome! So, please keep praying for my family in this all-out war.

“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the works of your hands.” Psalm 138:8

Your Friend,

26 thoughts on “Update on Ruth Hill and Fulton

  1. Man when it rains it truly pours. My heart aches for ur whole family. We know God has it all but we can’t see His plans. God takes great joy from us trusting him completely and as Peter said ‘Lord to whom shall we go’? Thank God we have a God to pray to. Imagine life without that. We will pray as always for u all.

  2. Dear Dawson, I am sitting within Jesus in heavenly places seated next to the Father holding your prayer requests in my heart. Jesus said we are One with the Father and He knows our every need before we even ask so I am resting in that place and hope you will join us, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness where He has promised all our needs will be met according to His riches in Christ Jesus.
    We love You Adonai and we acknowledge You loved Ruth and Fulton long before they were birthed in this earth and continue to love them even more than we ever can. In Jesus’ powerful name and finished work in the cross we trust. Amen!

  3. Dawson,
    I will pray for you and your family. So many things hitting all at once.
    My problems are small in comparison, and yet you and Mark are always concerned about my family and me.
    Just know I am thinking of you,
    Your friend,
    Bill Kollasch

  4. Oh Dawson, I am so sorry to hear about the challenges Fulton is facing now. I love the Bible verse you quoted. What your family is going through takes surrender almost each moment I’m sure. Prayers for Ruth Hill, Fulton, you and your entire family that every heart and hand and every outcome that touches your family will be according to His will and perfect plan. Blessings to you all, and prayers for divine healing!

  5. I am agreeing with all prayers of HEALING and RECOVERY for Ruth and Fulton. Abba Father orchestrate every step of providing YOUR wisdom, HELP and strength by the Blood of Jesus. Be glorified in these two precious ones in Jesus Name! Amen

  6. Praying for your sweet family! Please don’t ever feel like you are asking a lot. People want to pray for your family. I’ve been reading your blogs for years and they have truly been a blessing. Your ministry is reaching so many people. God is with you. I pray for his peace and comfort during this difficult time.

  7. Dawson, I will continue the prayers for your precious family. I know you are weary but remember God has got you and you have thousands of us holding you up just like you have done for us. There is no valley to deep or mountain to high that God cannot overcome. You are an overcomer!!! Sending love and hugs!—-Rev. Heather Heineman

  8. Dawson, praying for Ruth and your son ! I am so very sorry that your going through this Jeremiah 29:11 comes to Mind , have faith like Job from the Bible …. please let me know about continuing updates . God bless you and your family always

  9. Dawson, it saddens me to hear the health battle Ruth and Fulton are experiencing. We pray that God’s love mercy peace and healing hands are with you all. We will keep you in our prayers in Jesus name.

  10. Lord, We come before You and ask that You will carry the McAllister family through this difficult season. We specifically pray for healing for both Ruth and for Fulton; we lift them up to You and ask as well for comfort and strength that can only come from You. We know You are all powerful and the Great Healer. We thank You Lord for what You have done so far in their lives and to come. In Your Holy Name, Amen!

  11. We are to be there for one another Dawson no matter what. You are not asking for a lot it doesn’t matter how long the battle lasts. We are to carry each other burdens. Because we never know what we all may face. I’m deep sorry about your wife and son. May the Lord have mercy on your wife and son. This is what true believers go through. Lord God in heaven please Lord make away for Dawson family. Let your will be done. Having health issues that are in jeopardy is scary and a lonely feeling. I know. I’m facing it myself. I pray the Lord gives you strength through all of this. We keep you and your wife and son in my prayers.

  12. Dear Dawson,
    What a heavy burden you are carrying! We’ll keep praying for Ruth Hill, and also for Fulton. I think of the song, that says “Are you weak and heavy laden? Take it to the Lord in prayer. I know you and us and the rest of your Christian family members have been doing that, and we will continue to. I do hope He answers all the prayers for healing for both of them. Love you all. Ann

  13. God is bigger than all of this! Praying that you will continue to trust in the Lord and find your strength in Him. Praying God’s peace fill you.

  14. Dawson, I am so sorry for all you and your family is enduring. Tom and I will continue praying for an excellent outcome for Ruth Hill and Fulton. Lots of hugs, Jeanie Kinsman

  15. I’ll be continuing to pray for Ruth, Fulton and you Dawson, as well as the rest of the family! This must be so hard, on all of you! I’m praying for strength that only He can give, peace beyond understanding for whatever is to come, and, if it’s the Lords will, miraculous healing! God Bless You all!

  16. Dawson and family,

    Thanks for the update and new prayer concerns. Prayers for Ruth will indeed continue. My prayers for your son Fulton will also continue.

    My prayers for you Dawson, are for Jesus’ calm and for the strengthening of your already awesome faith.

    May the Lord of healing bless your family,

    Jim Nypen

  17. We are distressed to hear that you are facing so much trouble at the same time, Dawson. We will continue to pray for miraculous healing, and peace for you even in the midst of this. Lord please heal Ruth Hill and please heal Fulton. And give Dawson peace and the ability to deal with this trouble and reflect your light in the darkness. In Jesus name, Amen

  18. Dawson, thinking of Ruth and Fulton. Longing for the day of no sickness and pain. Longing for the day of perfectness and no sin. In the meanwhile we rely on the perfectness of the Lord to sustain us and give him the glory for-his miraculous work.
    Missing our conversations and prayer these last months together. You have much going on and handle. We keeping asking in prayer for you great ministry to young people to continue.

  19. My daughter, age 42, is having surgery on Tuesday so it is easy to add Ruth and Fulton to my prayer list. My heart is overwhelmed with the difficulty of these situations. God’s presence and touch is so desired for all. If anyone reads this I would appreciate prayer for her, too. Her name is Jennie and is being met with pregnancy complications…there has not been a heart beat from the baby for six weeks. So grateful for God’s faithfulness to His children. He hears our cries. He will be with us as we all walk through life and its difficulties. Again, so grateful! These are opportunities for us to trust God even though…Habakkuk 3 has been a great encouragement.

  20. Dawson, may the Lord strengthen you and your family during this trying time. The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. Rest assured that many righteous are praying for you, Ruth Hill and Fulton. I declare the healing power of the blood of Jesus be manifested in your family. May you be strengthened in your inner man. May faith to move mountains rise within you. I speak life over Ruth Hill and Fulton in the mighty name of Jesus. It is well with you and your household.

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