Psalm 36:7

Trials Help Build Our Faith

Dear Praying Friend,

It’s been 8 years this week since Fulton was involved in a terrible car accident. It seems like it happened just yesterday. God has used this experience to help shape my life. I heard my sister say the other day, “I would not be what I am today without the trials of yesterday.” She’s right, some of the darkest trials, God has used to help build my faith.

For example, God showed me he’s still working through Fulton. Today, I went to see him and he started laughing louder, longer and deeper than I had ever heard. He was extremely alert. I was amazed, thinking maybe I was just imagining he was different than before. So, I asked 2 of the techs if they had heard the same thing and they assured me they had. God is awesome! He continually shows His love to me, through my broken son.

“How precious is your unfailing love, O God!” Psalm 36:7

Your Friend,


3 thoughts on “Trials Help Build Our Faith

  1. Through your BEAUTIFUL son my friend. He is a willing vessel greatly used of God for all these years. I enjoy hearing the reactions of his caregivers to him and how he expresses himself.

    My prayers are with you, your wife, and son and granddaughter. Today one of my granddaughters has a new baby girl so my number of great grandchildren continues to grow. God is giving me many blessings in my 85th year.

  2. My Dear Cousin,
    I am so happy for this latest blessing that Fulton has given you! I’m so thankful Fulton is helping and blessing you through his trial in life! Blessings come in many surprising packages many times and ways, don’t they? God bless you, Dawson and your entire family through this coming new year. Much love and prayers. Cousin Ann

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