There Must Be Something Deeper

David has everything in life he ever wanted… a great girlfriend, awesome friends, a close family, and a job he loves, but something’s still missing. Listen as Dawson helps him figure out what’s missing in his life.

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(Introduction) Is the young adult in your life in need of hope? Well, hope is here… a call with Dawson McAllister.

Dawson: David, how are you tonight?

David: Well, me and the girlfriend, we’re good. Me and the family are good. Me and my friends are good. I’m 22, I work for a local fire department down here. I got a great job and really enjoy what I do. I’ve worked hard my whole life to really try and get everything that I could possibly want. I come from a huge family. We were always taught to be really thankful for what we had, and to never take anything for granted. I just feel, even with such a huge family and a wide array of friends and a loving girlfriend, I just feel like… and I feel stupid for saying it, I feel so alone.

Dawson: You thought if you could get this money together and work hard and get a house that that would meet your deepest needs. If you had friends around you, that would meet your deepest needs. If you had a great girlfriend around you… same, same. But the fact of the matter is – they’re not enough. And there’s a lot of people who go through life just chasing after the lie. Here you are, at 22, you have everything you want, but you’ve got an empty soul.

David: How do I fix it?

Dawson: Well, it’s a spiritual issue, for one thing.

David: Yes, sir. 

Dawson: I would go on a search for God because you’re now hitting me… this is not your normal call to Dawson McAllister. It’s a great call, not a normal call. You’re very articulate. And everything you’ve tried to do to be happy, you have succeeded at. The problem is – it hasn’t done the trick. 

David: Right. 

Dawson: So, there must be something deeper.

(Conclusion) Dawson’s ministry connects with teens and young adults every day, and they can help you connect with them too. Check out the resources at:

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