Philippians 1:3

There Are No Words

I have a friend, Stephen McCollum, whom I pray with every Saturday morning. Stephen is the Vice Principle at the local Christian school. He lost his son 3 years ago to a tragic tree accident. Stephen understands tragedy, he lives through it daily. He understands the heartbreak of losing a son.

He wrote this message to his son, Kolt, yesterday, on the 3rd anniversary of his death:

“There are no words to describe the daily sense of loss. On this particular day, I have a weak, sick feeling as I relive the phone call and the nightmare that followed. I love you, Kolt McCollum, and miss you every day. Part of the sadness is that life goes on and we miss you being YOU in each moment. Today, I’m with your brother in NY City. He’s physically sick right now so I sit with my thoughts, caring for my youngest son and grieving my oldest. Bud, you are not forgotten. Love you, Son!” #movingforward #onedayatatime 💔

When I start feeling sorry for myself over Fulton, God reminds me of what my dear friend is going through, even though it’s been 3 years now. Thanks Stephen, you are a real inspiration to us all! Your faith is awesome, your love is real, and God has used your sorrow to touch many more people than you can imagine. I’m so glad God has brought us together as brothers in Christ!

“I thank my God in all my remembrances of you.” Philippians 1:3

Your Friend,

3 thoughts on “There Are No Words

  1. Saying a prayer for Stephen as he grieves the physical absence of his oldest son, and he cares with his youngest. May God comfort him. So grateful you have this prayer partner, Dawson. May you sense God’s presence today as well.

  2. I have adopted your friend Steven for prayer…..i know too well what Steven is feeling. My son Faron will be in Heaven 12 years on March 3rd… I miss him everyday of my life….the emptiness never goes away….It never will until we meet again someday. I took care of Faron up until he took his last breath…I know the Bible tells us to cry when a baby is born and rejoice at death…I understand what is meant by those words but when part of you is missing….it does not come easy. …I am so glad that you have your precious son Fulton…May God bless you and your family…Also Rachael! Love you all. Jackie Hash I will be 72 years old this Sunday March 1st…God isnt through with me yet!

  3. As a grief recovery facilitator @ our church I have seen & heard the pain & sadness in the faces & voices of those who’s loved one/ones have died. My heart breaks for your dear friend Stephen & i know that there is Light through this grief journey he’s on. I pray for his heart & emotions to heal so that one day he can live life with joy again even in the pain. I pray that he pursues the comfort, strength & peace that only our Lord can give. I will keep him in my thoughts & prayers just as I keep you Dawson, Ruth Hill, Fulton & the rest of your family in my prayers as well. Just keep letting God use you to change the lives of young people as they hear your broadcast.

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