“I thank my God every time I remember you.”

Telling Family Stories

Our family had a birthday party last Saturday, at Fulton’s nursing home. It was my wife, Ruth Hill’s sister’s daughter’s birthday. Everyone just sat around and told family stories. Fulton was extremely happy, laughing at all the silly things he and his brother used to do. It was a beautiful time. We were happy remembering all over again the fun things that happened in our lives. We were loving the stories!

I have heard it said, when a parent dies, one of the issues the mourning family struggles over is knowing the keeper of the family history and memories is now gone. I wonder how much Fulton remembers from the past. Will he remember them after we are gone? The only thing I can do is pray for him to remember, and keep sharing with him the stories. Perhaps in some way, with God’s help, he will remember his life and how good God’s been to him. So, let’s keep the family stories going. They can be a comfort to the soul. Always remembering the greatest story ever told, is the story of Jesus and His love for us. “I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3

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4 thoughts on “Telling Family Stories

  1. I love family story telling. I would have loved to have heard your stories and learned more about you all since you are my family too! 🙂
    We do that with our children occasionally when we get together. Hope to do some today when our daughter Deanna and her family visit today! 🙂 God bless your day!

  2. This is why I scrapbook. I never want my children to forget the Godly heritage that their grandparents Richard and Patsy, Carol and Bill have given them. Thank you for sharing Dawson!

  3. Dawson, I have followed your ministry, emails, and updates of Fulton for years. To say they are an encouragement is an understatement. Your honesty in the hard times really helps. Thank you for being vulnerable and honest about how times are hard, but God is ALWAYS faithful! 7/20/2017, our youngest son Ryan at age 27 was killed in a car accident. This last 19 months have been so hard. But God is still good and faithful even in the darkest times. You have been a blessing to me. May the Lord continue to bless you, your ministry and your family in the coming years. I pray for you all often.

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