Nahum 1:7

Fulton Needs Prayer

Perhaps you have heard Fulton has been stricken with pneumonia once again. This is a very scary time. The bad news came out of the blue sky. One day he read more

Psalm 133:1

Finding Hats for Fulton

It’s good for men to have fellowship with each other, older guys with younger ones. I’ve watched this work with Fulton. I took Fulton to the mall the other day read more

Luke 11:11-13

Drama over Fulton’s Birthday

We always have some drama this time of year over Fulton’s birthday. See the problem is he was born just a few days after Christmas (January 5th). He makes it read more

(Taken from the devotional on the YouVersion Bible app: Joy! To Your World! A Countdown to Christmas by Just Joy Ministries.)

Highly Favored by God

I have been greatly helped by the prayers and encouragement all my praying friends have given me over the years. I always appreciate thoughts God has given you that you read more

Revelation 21:4

My Prayer for You

I hope all is well with you as we enter the holidays. My prayer is that you will have the best holiday season ever! That God will bless you in read more

Psalm 107:1

Thankful for Fulton

Well, here we are at the Thanksgiving season. Yet another time to remind us to be thankful. God is so good to us what else can we say, what else read more

Psalm 27:4

Real Beauty

I received a very beautiful, insightful and loving comment about Fulton. I had been writing about how he will never be as handsome as he once was. Yet God is read more