Romans 12:10

Fulton’s Field Trip

Dear Praying Friend, Every week we take Fulton on what we call his field trip. You can imagine how excited he gets when it’s time to go. Fulton has been read more

James 1:17

Crave for Significance

Dear Praying Friend, I took Fulton to get his haircut the other day. It’s always a fun time for him. The hairstylists are kind, pretty and dote over him. He read more

Let's blow this popsicle stand.

Popsicle Stand

Dear Praying Friend, When Fulton was little, I took him places he thought were fun, like: Baskin-Robbins or McDonald’s. I would say to him: “Hey son, you want to blow read more

Deuteronomy 32:10

Strong Tug in My Heart

Dear Praying Friend, I’ve had some powerful feelings about Fulton lately. It’s like there’s been a strong tug in my heart to be near him. God has given me a read more

John 16:12

Asking God to Reveal Answers

Dear Praying Friend, We ask God to reveal answers to us about why He allows difficult things to happen to us. But God is not going to reveal all answers read more

The LORD our God has secrets known to no one.

God Has Secrets

Dear Praying Friend, I have been discussing with a friend, about heartaches and our questioning why. He said, “God does not owe us an answer to all our questions. God read more