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July 2020 E-Newsletter

“I want to see myself in a different way…”

Leigha was struggling with body dysmorphia. Obsessively worrying about her “flawed” appearance. It was consuming her, driving every decision, causing her tremendous pain.

So she binged and purged. Over and over. She canceled her appointments for therapy, “I can’t let anyone see me like this,” she shared. “I’m huge.” 

Leigha was 19 years old — just 84 pounds — and desperate.

“I know it’s wrong. I can’t look at myself without crying. I want to see myself in a different way. Please, please help me.”

Because of your wonderful support, Leigha not only found the help and hope she urgently needed … but she was introduced to a loving friend named Jesus — she gave her life to Christ. She shared:

“I just finished praying. I know this won’t fix all my problems immediately. But for the first time, in a long time, I feel like I can breathe. Thank you for helping to save me!”

We share Leigha’s thanks with you.

Your support makes our unique outreach possible. Thanks to you, Leigha can see herself in a whole new light: As a perfect child of God!


July 2020 E-Newsletter

Sharing Hope … Sharing Christ! 

Since becoming a fully web-based ministry in 2017, we’ve made a conscious effort to share the hope of Jesus Christ using every platform available to us.

Today, we’re seeing the fruit of our labor together for Christ in extraordinary ways. Young people are searching for hope … they’re finding TheHopeLine … and they’re discovering the peace that comes from a relationship with the Lord.

God has equipped us, with your help, to make a profound difference in the lives of hurting and broken young people.

Lives are being eternally changed as a result!



New Features on Our Website

Thanks to your partnership, we continue creating fresh, new content on our website, engaging with the lost … and directing them to help and hope in Christ!

  • Ask Dawson — a bold new feature on our site in a helpful “Q&A” format with audio clips from Dawson’s shows, divided by topic.
  • Riveting podcasts featuring peer-to-peer calls from our past radio shows.
  • An exciting new Video Page with testimonies, stories, and ministry on a wide range of topics concerning teens and young adults today.
  • The Prayer Show now streams live on our website … we’re thrilled to draw young people and friends like you together to pray for and with one another, four times each week.
  • We’ve also added 3 eBooks in Spanish to our great lineup of resources — on Anxiety, Depression, and Forgiveness.



We’re Still Proactively Sharing the Gospel … And People Are Listening

In 2019, 384,409 people came to our website seeking to have hard spiritual questions answered. Our “Top Ten” spiritual-content-related webpages paint a meaningful picture about the message we’re sharing together and the hope we’re offering 13- to 29-year-olds in need.

  • Verses of Hope for Forgiveness
  • What to Do When We’re Mad at God
  • Verses of Hope for Anxiety
  • Real Meaning of Christmas
  • Am I Worthless? How to Feel Love from God
  • Learn More About God
  • Four Bible Verses to Heal a Broken Heart
  • Saved by Grace
  • Is There a God?
  • How Can I Find Hope?

Because of your generosity, we’ll continue to connect with young people online through our many dynamic outreaches: our shows, podcasts, prayer, blogs, HopeCoaches, chats, and much more.

Thank you for being a part of reaching, rescuing, and restoring lives worldwide.


In Her Own Words

“God has blessed me financially in order to bless others” 

Thank you for all that you are doing to help teenagers and others in severe distress. It is only through Jesus that they will experience true healing, and for many, true life. God has blessed me financially in order to bless others. There are many, many opportunities to give, but I have a heart for young people and believe they will only be helped one on one, knowing someone cares enough to listen and to tell them the truth.

—Karen McNeill, faithful donor


As you are able to continue standing with us this summer, you’ll keep TheHopeLine ministry strong for the sake of reaching young people in need, rescuing them, and restoring them to Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

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