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The stories are real, the people are real, the problems are very real!

Dawson’s radio shows help callers and listeners deal with life issues, such as abuse, pregnancy, addiction, heartbreak, and much more. What sets our radio shows apart from other Call-in and “let’s talk” help shows, is that each caller speaks further with one of Dawson’s HopeCoaches following their call On-Air. A HopeCoach will talk with and pray for each caller, as well as connect them with partners for the caller to get further help!

The Shows

Top 40 Format

Dawson McAllister Live

dm liveDM LIVE

Dawson McAllister Live with Jessica McVay is our CHR (Top 40) call-in talk show about real, and often heavy, issues facing teens and young adults. Dawson and Jessica give clear, caring, common sense advice in a fast paced non-stop caller after caller format, while interacting with the audience online via Dawson’s social media platforms and interjecting listener comments into the program in real time. The show is built to be interactive, where the audience can also offer their advice and encouragement, and the caller is the star. The most popular features on the show are Dawson’s Peer2Peer segment, where he asks for callers to respond to a call they just heard with advice and encouragement, and Dawson MashUps, where we mix a popular hit song with a recent call into the show. Dawson McAllister Live airs live Sundays, 9 PM – Midnight Central Time

Dawson McAllister Late Nights

Dawson McAllister Late Nights is a hybrid weeknight show airing more calls with Dawson mixed with a radio station’s locally played music. Listeners are invited to be a part of the show by giving their own advice and encouragement to the calls they hear On-Air and the stories they see posted on Dawson’s Facebook Page.

Dawson McAllister Late Nights offers 4-hours of straight talk and hope offered to listeners Monday-Friday.

Christian Format

TheHopeLine® with Dawson McAllister

thl with dawson mcallister

TheHopeLine® with Dawson McAllister is our Christian faith-based call-in talk show about real issues facing teens and young adults, featuring Dawson. Dawson keeps a strong focus on the number one goal of this radio show…To share biblical truth and help the listener find hope, while interacting with audience members online via Dawson’s social media platforms and interjecting listener comments into the program in real time. The listener can get involved with a call and post their advice and encouragement on Dawson’s Facebook Page. We call this Peer2Peer. Listeners also hear their favorite Christian hits mixed with recent calls on the show in what we call PraiseUmentaries!
TheHopeLine® with Dawson McAllister airs live Saturdays, 8 – 11 PM Central Time

How to Hear the Show

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Radio Social Media

Dawson engages with today’s teenagers and young adults on a daily basis through Social Media. Our Facebook and Twitter pages offer listeners opportunities to share hope with others. Throughout the week, listeners take part in discussions, encourage one another, and receive encouragement from Dawson and his team! Like the page now and get in on the conversation.

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