The Dawson McAllister Association seeks to reach, rescue, and restore teenagers and young adults through the power of God’s unfailing love.

Psalm 36:7

Trials Help Build Our Faith

Dear Praying Friend, It’s been 8 years this week since Fulton was involved in a terrible car accident. It seems like it happened just yesterday. God has used this experience read more

Ephesians 6:4

Update on Fulton’s Haircut

Dear Praying Friend, A few weeks ago, I shared with you my frustration with Fulton. He absolutely refused to get a haircut or have his beard trimmed. We had our read more

Psalm 22:13-14

As Much Dignity As Possible

Dear Praying Friend, My friend, Kenny, picked up Fulton from the nursing home and took him to the health food store for Fulton to receive light therapy. I met them read more

Exodus 34:6

No Haircut, No Hat

Dear Praying Friend, I had what I thought was a perfect plan for Fulton. I was going to take him to get a haircut. Then onto some serious shopping at read more