Dawson McAllister Association

He hears us

Prayers Needed for Fulton

Dear Praying Friend, Just a quick note to ask you to pray for Fulton. I got a call from the nursing home last night to tell me, Fulton has pneumonia. read more

Response to God's nearness

Responding to God’s Touch

Dear Praying Friend, I went to see Fulton the other day. I quietly walked into his room and there he was sleeping. The football channel was on but other than read more

Praise the Lord

Blinking to Communicate

Dear Praying Friend, Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Mine for 2018 is to praise God more, for how He is working in Fulton’s life. For example, just last read more

The Love of Christ

Dear Praying Friend, I had a great visit with two of our most faithful and committed friends and donors last week, Paul and Sherry. They were passing through on their read more

Grateful Heart

Dear Friends, At this time of Thanksgiving, I want to thank God by offering up a simple prayer about you and Fulton: “Lord, we know that without the prayers of read more