Dawson McAllister Association

Learned to Trust

Dear Praying Friend, Fulton loves his beard. He has such few things he has any control over but the ones he has, he guards carefully. I’ve seen him fight to read more

he is in the light

Walk in the Light

Dear Praying Friend, It’s been raining here in Tennessee a lot, for the past month. When it gets cloudy and rainy, Fulton tends to get a bit depressed. One of read more

Surprises to lift our spirits

Surprises to Lift Our Spirits

Dear Praying Friend, I noticed something about Fulton, he recently has been so happy. He has a big smile most of the time and seems more animated than ever. I read more

Never will I forsake you

Together for the Super Bowl

Dear Praying Friend, Fulton, his daughter Addison, and I watched the Super Bowl in his room at the nursing home. Fulton is a huge New England Patriots fan. I decided read more

Good News

Dear Praying Friend, Good news for Fulton and for everyone praying for him. He had a bout with pneumonia, which is always scary. Pneumonia is not anyone’s friend but it’s read more