The Dawson McAllister Association seeks to reach, rescue, and restore teenagers and young adults through the power of God’s unfailing love.

1 Peter 3:12a

Addison Loves to Roller Skate

Dear Praying Friend, This last Saturday we celebrated my granddaughter, Addison’s 13th birthday. Addison is Fulton’s daughter and we have custody of her. We scheduled the party at a roller read more

Proverbs 17:17

Fulton and Paige

Dear Praying Friend, I love it when Fulton laughs, especially when someone else gets him going and he can hardly stop. I’m referring to his friend, Paige. Paige and Fulton read more

Psalm 27:13-14

Wait Patiently for the Lord

Dear Praying Friend, One thing about Fulton’s predicament that’s difficult to watch is the amount of hours he has to wait. For example, Fulton has been asking for his new read more

James 5:14

Awesome Prayer Friends

Dear Praying Friends, I hope all is well with you. I have some great news! Fulton is just about over his pneumonia and the infection in his blood. Once again, read more

James 4:14

Life is Fragile

Dear Praying Friend, God in His word teaches us a basic truth: life is fragile and can change at a moment’s notice. For example, something very encouraging happened in Fulton’s read more