The Dawson McAllister Association seeks to reach, rescue, and restore teenagers and young adults through the power of God’s unfailing love.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Handling it With Grace

Fulton fell out of his wheelchair yesterday. No one really knows how it happened, but his roommate found him. I wonder what was going on in his mind as he read more

Psalm 31:19

That Big Smile

Dear Praying Friend, I trust all is well with you, knowing God is working in our lives. We’ll never know this side of heaven all that God has done for read more

Colossians 1:11

Fulton’s Off the Ventilator

Good news on the Fulton front! He is miraculously getting well. A week ago, he was very, very sick. One afternoon, his heart rate was twice what it should have read more

Jeremiah 31:3

I love You and I Always Will

I want to give you an update about Fulton, my son, who is struggling with pneumonia. This last week has been a real yo-yo situation. One day I feel he’s read more

Nahum 1:7

Fulton Needs Prayer

Perhaps you have heard Fulton has been stricken with pneumonia once again. This is a very scary time. The bad news came out of the blue sky. One day he read more