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Lied to Get Out of Therapy

In this week’s featured call, Elizabeth shares how she lied her way through therapy, after attempting to take her own life. Transcript: (Introduction) Are you or your teen searching for read more

Life Beyond Chronic Depression

Tom feels like there is nothing here for him, except for sorrow. Listen-in as Dawson encourages him that there is a life for him, beyond his chronic depression. Transcript: (Introduction) read more

Life Lessons 2022.04.23

Guilt After a Suicide Attempt

When someone you care about attempts suicide, it hurts. It can also produce intense guilt. Listen-in as Dawson helps Sarah process her guilt over her boyfriend’s attempted suicide.Transcript: (Introduction) Are read more

Life Lessons 2022.04.16

Finding the Cause of the Rage

Anger can fester over years of unforgiveness. It can turn into rage and hurt the people you love the most. In this week’s call, Zach talks with Dawson about how read more


Like a Zombie or a Robot

Cutting is a form of self-injury, and it’s epidemic among young people. Listen as Stacy describes her stress and Dawson guides her away from cutting and toward connecting with a read more