The Dawson McAllister Association seeks to reach, rescue, and restore teenagers and young adults through the power of God’s unfailing love.

Philippians 1:3

Thank You for Praying

Dear Praying Friend, As you know, my wife, Ruth Hill, is recovering from a hysterectomy with her ongoing battle with cancer. She is doing very well. The surgeon is confident read more

Psalm 34:4

Prayers Needed

Dear Praying Friend, This week’s life lesson will be a little different than usual. I have a very special request for you. My wife, Ruth Hill, has developed uterine and read more

A Caregiver in Need

A Caregiver in Need

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time spent with Fulton. I feel like I’m not giving him the quality time he deserves. It’s easy to feel guilty if you read more