For Immediate Release:

New Leadership to Take up Dawson McAllister’s Mantel: Reaching, Rescuing and Restoring Lives

(Spring Hill, Tennessee)—We’re pleased to announce the board of the Dawson McAllister Association has named new leadership.

Dr. David Johnson of Tyler, Texas, will assume the role of Board Chairman. Dr. Johnson has recently retired from active medical practice and has committed his full support to helping the ministry expand its reach in Christ’s name to troubled teens around the globe. Dr. Johnson replaces long-serving and very effective Chairman Rob Broin.

The board also unanimously named Tim Altman as the ministry’s new President and CEO.

Altman was a friend, confidant, and ministry partner to the late Dawson McAllister for over 40 years. Altman was tasked with leading the ministry through its digital transformation in 2017, in the ongoing mission to offer clear biblical advice and right thinking to millions of teens and young adults each year.

Continuing in board service are Ruth Hill McAllister, Craig Lawrence, Dr. Brooks Gibbs, PhD., previous chairman Rob Broin, and new chairman Dr. David Johnson, MD.

“The ministry’s outreach has increased exponentially in recent years,” said Broin.  “I am privileged to serve in bringing Christ to young people not only in the U.S. but around the globe.”

Lawrence added, “When a ministry’s founder dies, everyone quietly wonders about the future. But we are stunned to see how God prepared us for this moment with greater outreach, financial stability, and the people to guide a greater spiritual harvest.  We know His hand is upon us.”

Founded by Dawson McAllister in 1973, the ministry is known for its unique radio outreach to students, its incredible online presence,, and its core mission to nurture young people through crisis to Christ.  The Lord unexpectedly called Dawson home in December 2020, but his passing has not delayed the furthering of Dawson’s vision to continue building “a rescue shop within a yard of hell.”

In recent years, Dawson’s willingness to leave his beloved broadcast radio ministry behind for a greater worldwide digital outreach was emblematic of who he was.  According to Altman. “Dawson was a leader without a rearview mirror. Doing the next right thing was what mattered to him. He would expect no less of his team and the organization as we move forward in faith.”

Dawson loved the microphone and the microphone loved him. His blunt, Christ-centered advice to young people had stunning spiritual authority. But he also assembled and empowered a qualified team of leaders to follow him into greater outreach, including Chief Operating Officer, Jen DeJong, and Senior Producer of Digital Media, Rachel Cardinal.

The ministry has preserved a massive library of Dawson’s radio calls and programs, helping to assure that the power and impact of his life’s work will not diminish. With new leadership in place, we will pick up his mantel and continue reaching, rescuing, and restoring lives.