Psalm 22:13-14

As Much Dignity As Possible

Dear Praying Friend,

My friend, Kenny, picked up Fulton from the nursing home and took him to the health food store for Fulton to receive light therapy. I met them there. I pulled back Fulton’s blanket and he was sopping wet in his own urine. It was hard to look at, but he didn’t seem to be to bothered. As soon as his therapy was done, we took him back to the nursing home to get him cleaned up, but I was not happy. I just sat there hurting for him.

I asked myself, Dawson, why are you so worked up about this? The answer was simple: I want my son to have as much dignity as possible. I saw him in an undignified way and it hurt me. This brought me to my next thought. If I was so upset about Fulton’s humiliating predicament, think what God must feel about us as we get ourselves into so many ungodly situations.

That is why Christ suffered such humiliation while he walked on this Earth and hung on the cross. Scripture says of Him while he was being crucified, “Roaring lions that tear their prey open their mouths wide against me. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.” Psalm 22:13-14. Praise be to God, Jesus has made a way for us to walk in the dignity of Jesus Christ!

Your Friend,

3 thoughts on “As Much Dignity As Possible

  1. If I ever saw my son like that I would be crushed also. There are certain responses in life that I firmly believe God completely understands no matter how much we ‘lose it’ and those that involve family members head the list. I’m so very sorry you went through this. I know I would have reacted worse than you. I hope you never experience that again. God bless you friend. Randy Olson

  2. You are taking the high road, Dawson, by applying a spiritual application to this situation and it just touches my heart that indeed Jesus Christ has died on the cross that we could have a life where He is in control and not ourselves.

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