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The Love He Showed Was Beautiful

I was walking down the hall in the nursing home a couple weeks ago when I heard this man singing. He was singing beautiful Christmas songs. He had to have been a professional, that’s how good he was! I stopped and listened. Wow, what a voice!

There was another man standing there and we both commented on how awesome he was. But what he was doing was even more amazing, he was loving on the patients who were brought to the cafeteria to hear him. Clearly, he was excited about what he was doing; even if many in the cafeteria seemed to be a million miles away. The love he showed to the patients was beautiful.

It got me thinking, most of the crowd in Christ’s day didn’t get what he was trying to do either. Scripture says, “He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him.” (John 1:11) I never did talk to the man and he’ll never know how much he moved me. He was just a man with great talent, humbly using it for the Lord. I hope to see him someday in heaven, to thank him and talk about how he really ministered to me that day.

Your Friend,

2 thoughts on “The Love He Showed Was Beautiful

  1. I used to work in an ALF, and on occasion, someone would come in to perform for the residents just to encourage them. It was such a blessing to everyone who was there to listen. So glad you and Fulton were both able to be encouraged and blessed in this way.

  2. Hello, Dawson,
    Isn’t it wonderful that a person can minister to us without ever knowing the impact he or she has had in another believer’s life. It’s a true example of how, if we let the Holy Spirit guide our actions, we can have a greater impact than we ever could have imagined.
    Blessings on your day,
    Nancy Tschetter

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