Psalm 118:23-24

Little Things can be Big Things When God is Working

Fulton had an amazing time last week! It was so much fun to watch. In a 3-hour period, he received some wonderful blessings. They were all seemingly small but when God’s in it, little things can be big things.

For example, Fulton’s new glasses, he so desperately needed, finally arrived. He began to wear them right away. You could see the joy on his face as he was immediately able to see more clearly.

Then one of our donors, graciously sent Fulton $100 to buy new hats. Fulton was elated! It’s his own $100 and he gets to pick out the hats. We are already talking about when we can go to the mall to shop at his favorite store, Lids.

We also took him to his favorite barber. He was way overdo and was wearing a toboggan to cover his hair. As soon as he got the haircut, he no longer wanted to wear the toboggan. He wanted people to see his new look.

Finally, we were able to eat at Cracker Barrel. He loves Cracker Barrel. Think of it, all this happened in 3 hours’ time. Fulton was in high cotton. What a day! What a God! Just to watch Him pour out his love on Fulton.

The children of Israel understood this kind of joy. David wrote: “This is from the LORD, and it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:23-24

3 thoughts on “Little Things can be Big Things When God is Working

  1. We hope to meet this amazing young man one day. We thank God with you that even the little blessings bring great rewards. Give our heartfelt love to Fulton.

  2. So glad that Fulton was able to have such a great day of blessing! God’s love for Fulton is massive! Hope it continues to be seen in Fulton and your lives!

  3. So happy for good things for Fulton! This is the first close-up I’ve seen of him, and his fabulous haircut! 🙂 May God continue to bless him and all of you!

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