Romans 8:13

Like Friends at McDonald’s

It’s so good to talk to you, just like two friends at McDonald’s. I can’t say enough about your prayers and encouragement. God used them to save Fulton’s life and they’ve also has had a major impact on mine. Yet, here I am finding myself seeking your prayer about something Fulton is facing.

Because of his pneumonia, he needs lung and breathing treatments every day. But he’s fighting them. The very therapy that can save his life, he’s rejecting. These treatments are critical and help keep his lungs strong and clear. Sometimes it takes the staff an extra 15 minutes to talk him into doing the treatments. Other times, he’ll kick or be a bit combative. I seldom call him out about this, in that he’s been through so much already. I gently but firmly say, “If you want to stay healthy and live, you have to do the treatments.” That usually works for a while but then he falls back into his pattern again.

Fulton’s situation reminds me of us. How is it we reject the very one who can change our lives? May Fulton get victory over this and be patient when the treatments come.

“For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” Romans 8:13

Your Friend,

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  1. I say this carefully and with great love and appreciation for you and your family, Dawson. But perhaps Fulton, like Paul, desires to “depart and be with Christ for that is by far better.” We have two children in heaven. It was much harder for them than for most because of their special needs, and although we miss them beyond what words can express, and long to see them each moment, as their mom, not a day goes by that I don’t greatly rejoice for them, for what they are experiencing now. So just perhaps…Fulton longs for that. We fought tooth and nail for so long to keep our children alive, having hospital experiences just like you are having again and again, but at a certain point, I knew it was time to let go. When that time is for you and Ruth Hill, I don’t know, but it will come, and I just wanted to encourage you to rejoice for Fulton when it does come.

  2. Dear God, We thank you for the gift of prayer and for your answered prayer in regards to Fulton. We come before you to ask you to intervene on Fultons behalf. You are all powerful and mighty, so we ask that your touch reminds Fulton to surrender when recieving the lung treatments. Bring your spirit of peace and calmness upon him, and break through to his mind, and tell him it is worse when he fights the treatment. Help to ease the pain of the treatment and give him gentle practitioners. In Jesus name AMEN

  3. Dear Dawson, I know it has been a hard struggle dealing with Fulton’s failing health for so many years. I just pray that God will have His way for Fulton and you and your family. And strength for you all, whatever God wants. Love and prayers.

  4. Dear Lord, we thank you so very much for being our God. We thank you for dwelling on the inside of us. Holy Spirit you are welcomed! Thank you Lord for meeting me here today. Lord, you know all about Fulton. My sincere pray is that he will have the willingness to accept his treatments. Lord we thank you that we can submit our selves to you and commit everything to you in prayer. Thank you so much!!! Lord, we know that you are a merciful, loving and compassionate God! !! We thank and praise you so much. Lord, we know that we can come to you in prayer. However, more than anything we ask for we want your perfect will to be done in Fulton’s life and in his family life as well. Lord we trust you and we know that you ALWAYS know what is best for us. We know that you see way beyond what we can see and think. I ask that the Holy Spirit guide the family and they make correct decisions and not emotional decisions. I pray that they will seek the Holy Spirit for guidance, comfort, counsel, and help! I pray that they will lean and cling on to you. I pray that they know your word is settled in Heaven and it is unchangeable. I pray that they know since you have the entire world in your hands surely, you have Fulton in your hands and care. I pray that this prayer provides comfort to them. I pray that they know you are a God that is holy and enthroned with power. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Lord, thank you for listening to this prayer and also please know that we want to please you and again more than anything we ask for we want your perfect will to be done. We trust you Lord and our hope and expectancy is in you and not ourselves! Amen!!!

  5. Jesus,

    It is by faith in your/our Father, we join yours and the Holy Spirit’s prayers, for Fulton and the entire McAllister household.

    We don’t see what you see, nor understand what you understand.

    We trust you. We know you will cause all things to come together for good, because we love you and we are called for your purpose.

    May your healing power shine like the noonday sun.

    In Jesus’ name,

    Jim Nypen
    Please call if you just need to talk.

  6. Hello, Dawson,
    I will be praying for Fulton to grasp the need to continue his lung therapy to better enjoy life. He is such a special fellow and God can certainly change his thinking.
    Nothing is impossible with the mighty God we serve.

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