Like a Zombie or a Robot

Cutting is a form of self-injury, and it’s epidemic among young people. Listen as Stacy describes her stress and Dawson guides her away from cutting and toward connecting with a Hope Coach.

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(Introduction) When your student or young adult is in crisis, where can you turn for help… a call with Dawson McAllister. 

Dawson: Stacy, what’s going on?

Stacy: Dawson, I’m going through a lot of stress right now. I really want to self-injure.

Dawson: Oh, Stacy, please, let’s get some help right away. Who can you go to? Where you can really just get all of your issues out on the table?

Stacy: Tomorrow, I actually have a counseling session, but my counselor might not be there tomorrow because she has jury duty. So, I don’t know. I could go to my sister, but I don’t know who else to go to right now. She’s really strong.

Dawson: Stacy, that’s why we have the off-air let’s talk hopeline. We’re going to talk you through this. I can tell you’re right on the edge, but TheHopeLine is there for you. Let’s see if you can’t spend a good hour or so talking at TheHopeLine.

And find out if your counselor is going to be there in the morning. If she’s not, you need to get with your sister as well. Because all you’re going to do is put yourself backwards.

Cutting is not the answer. I know the temptation, the cutting desire, is just taking you over. It’s almost like you’re a zombie or a robot. But it’s not true. You can get through this without self-injury. And we’re going to take it one night at a time, one minute at a time, and that starts with TheHopeLine. So, you hang on, Stacy, and I’ll get you some help.

(Conclusion) It’s a tough world, especially for teens and young adults. TheHopeLine is a safe place for them and you to connect and find help, visit: TheHopeLine.com/radio.

Your Friend,
Tim Altman
President and CEO
Dawson McAllister Association/TheHopeLine, Inc.

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