Inner Vs. Outer Beauty

Society looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Dawson brings that spiritual perspective to Eliza as he encourages her to work on her inner beauty.


(Introduction) Are you or your teen searching for hope or encouragement today. You’re not alone… a call with Dawson McAllister.

Eliza: I have some really really really really bad self-esteem issues. They’re related to a lot of my image. So, I have very poor body image.

Dawson: What’s wrong with your body?

Eliza: Well, I’m thin, but I find something wrong with everything.

Dawson: I guess we all could do that. Have you ever heard of the concept of inner beauty?

Eliza: Yes.

Dawson: Have you ever thought about it?

Eliza: All the time.

Dawson: That’s where spiritual issues, and issues of the heart are: kindness, loving, optimistic, caring, sharing, tenderness, peace. It’s going to take some work to really come to the place where you understand that inner beauty far outweighs outer beauty – because our culture is so into outer beauty.

Eliza: Alright.

Dawson: But when you become kind and loving and sharing and caring… all those things and more, you become beautiful, both on the inside which affects the way you look on the outside. So, I want to encourage you to continue working very hard on your inner beauty, while talking out your frustrations about your own insecurity.

It’s amazing when we take our eyes off ourselves and begin to show that inner beauty to others how much our depression and our self-defeating thoughts go away.

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