Psalm 31:7

I Will be Glad

Dear Praying Friend,

One of the most difficult hurdles I deal with, when thinking about Fulton, is getting over the sadness part of it. Sometimes, after I’ve said goodbye to him, as I’m going out the door, I look back and I see my son left alone again, stuck in a wheelchair or a bed. Unless Christ comes for him that is where he’s going to sit the rest of his life. At other times, I find myself going to the refrigerator door to see a picture of Fulton before the accident. He was vibrant, had charisma and was handsome and I think to myself, how sad.

But God doesn’t want me to stay sad. He wants me to rejoice in Him, as he uses Fulton right where he is. To wait on the Lord and become glad in Him, is one of the biggest challenges of a Christian’s life. I don’t want to pretend that I’m not sad at times but recognize He’s in control and His grace is sufficient. Only God can turn sad to glad in our lives, if we will but let Him.

King David said, “I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.” Psalm 31:7

Your Friend,


4 thoughts on “I Will be Glad

  1. Dawson,
    We have prayed thru this journey with you.You are such an inspiration to our young people.
    You were there when my daughter was feeling her oats as a young teen.Thanks always.
    Paula Parker Snow

  2. Thank you for the wonderful verse. Our Lord understands our heartfelt needs and cares for us in love.

  3. Thank you for being so open with your readers. The struggle is real in this life. May you sense God’s voice encouraging you and filling you with strength and hope.

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