1 John 4:10

High Drama at our House

Well, there’s high drama at the McAllister household. My wife, Ruth Hill, and I have been raising Fulton’s daughter almost her entire life. Addison is in the 7th grade and we love her very much. It’s hard for her to accept that Fulton can’t be there for her.

So, what happened is…the father/daughter dance at school, is this Friday. I’ve agreed to go. Addison’s excited and bought a new dress. I think I’m going to get her a corsage. But the problem is I can’t dance and have no idea what I should do. But I love Addison and want to take her even though I’m feeling anxious. Hopefully we can build some good memories. I have to do my part and step in for Fulton. Jesus stepped in for us. It wasn’t easy for Him but He did it out of His great love.

So, pray for me. It should be interesting to watch. Some of my friends have told me, just go out into the middle of the dance floor and sway back and forth. I’ll try it because what else am I going to do?  Wish me well, I need all the support I can get. I’ll keep you posted.

“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

Aren’t you glad God has stepped in for us? I am!!

Your Friend,


15 thoughts on “High Drama at our House

  1. Dancing is a relative term. We can dance in our heads and not just our body. I understand your trepidation but relax and go out there with the attitude that she is glad you are being in the moment with her. Most Dad’s cant dance very well anyway!

  2. Hey Dawson,
    I’ve been there! Taking my daughter to the Father Daughter dance years ago. I was clumsy, not with the young crowd and looked stupid out there on the floor. BUT, the other kids told my daughter, “your dad is bad a dancing, but it’s cool that he is out here, wish my dad was!” I wouldn’t want to do it again, but glad i did when i needed to be there. Oh, and by the way, I’m not sure why, but some of the kids thought i was her grandfather, Ugh, i didn’t look that old back then, but i guess they thought i was. She is 32 now and still brings it up once and a while, just like the Saturday morning breakfasts we used to have. Memories they will never forget.
    You will be fine, just wiggle a little. LOL
    God bless you for what you are doing!!!

  3. I prayed for you and Addison, that you’d make sweet memories at the dance. I had no idea you and your wife are raising Fulton’s daughter. I wanted to say God bless you both, and thank you for sharing these last years with us all. Almost 2 yrs. before Fulton’s accident, my own dear son left us by suicide, in Feb. 2009. Actually it’s 10 yrs. ago today. I was familiar with your ministry as I’ve heard your radio show well before our sons’ passing. When I heard of Fulton’s accident, my heart immediately went out to your family, and I prayed. I just wanted to let you and Ruth Hill know that your selfless love for Fulton warms our hearts–especially in our own grief. We weren’t given the opportunity to care for our son–he was already in Heaven when we found him. I’m sure I speak for many grieving parents when I say thank you for sharing your journey since Fulton’s accident. So often when you would honestly share your pain, fears and heartache, it gave me courage to keep going. I’m not saying this well–the words are jumbled–just thank you, and may our Heavenly Father continue to pour out His grace and mercy upon your family. Sincerely, Nancy Tuz, Beachwood, NJ

  4. You can do it, Dawson! What’s important is that you’ll be there! She’ll always remember that.

  5. Have fun, Dawson. Sounds like a ball! God bless both of you .
    Bleasdins, Jeanie Kinsman

  6. Hey Dawson,

    This is Mark in Omaha Ne. You gave me a good chuckle. You will do great, enjoy the moment as it will be a event that will always be remember by your daughter and you. I miss you guys. I will pray for a great evening for you and your daughter. I also am lifting you and family up every morning, Love ya brother.

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Mark Ehrnst

  7. Why don’t you go on youtube.com and look for some father/daughter dances – there’s bound to be something and just watch and see how they do those things – then see if what you watched on youtube is anything like you see going on in the dance you are going to – once you get there.

  8. The YouTube idea was a good one. Also, have Addison give you a quick lesson. Aren’t there any young guys around that you know who also could help you. You’ll do great, and Addison will be happy you are her date!!
    We need a video of this….I’ll be waiting. 😉

  9. Dear Dawson,
    God is getting you on the dance floor, I will say an AMEN to that! And a night with squealing giggly girls! A night to remember! But I will pray that all goes well and that God guards her heart, not having her Daddy there!

  10. you’ll be fine , Dawson . and no matter how you dance , you both will laugh and always have those memories and that moment . havr a great time ☺

  11. True love is “showing up”. You and your wife “show up” every day, make memories every day, show love every day.
    This special event will make memories for a lifetime. Addison will appreciate it even more as she grows up!
    Blessings on your family! “Dance like no one is watching!”

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