“Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness!”

God is an Expert at Awesome Surprises

I trust all is well with you as we as a nation face very difficult issues. It’s hard to go through these days in faith, but God puts us where we are so we might develop more faith. It was scary last week when Fulton was hospitalized, facing pneumonia yet another time. I worried about the Coronavirus and what havoc it could do to Fulton. I pictured in my mind, Fulton dying alone. It’s almost too much to bear, but God came through yet another time. Fulton was out of the hospital after 5 days, strong as ever. Scripture says, “Surely God is good.” (Psalm 73:1a) I sure spent a lot of time letting the anxious thoughts take over. But God is so faithful!

More good news…Some of the staff in the nursing home are learning to use the eye-tracking technology Fulton will be using. It won’t be long until Fulton will be communicating more than we ever thought possible. What a miracle! I never thought this would happen, but God is an expert at awesome surprises. Please pray for the staff and Fulton as he learns to talk, using a computer. I’m convinced God will be his helper, as a whole new world opens up to him! As the Psalmist wrote, “Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness!” (Psalm 150:2) Yes, these are scary times, but God didn’t bring us this far for nothing. I keep learning he loves you and me and will not ignore us. Have a great week!

Your Friend,

6 thoughts on “God is an Expert at Awesome Surprises

  1. Praise God, He is a awesome God. So excited that y’all will soon be able to communicate with Fulton. Continued prayers. Give my love to Ruth Hill. Love y’all 🙏❤🙏🙌

  2. Dawson, I am overjoyed that Fulton is out of the hospital, and doing well. And the idea of the technology to help him speak is absolutely amazing! I know he will have so much to communicate, and your family’s joy and his joy will be overflowing! Thank you for sharing this journey, It is so inspiring!

  3. Hi Dawson
    Thanks for the update. I have been praying for you and family. What a journey God has you on. He is not finished with you YET! I understand about the negative thoughts. Just today God said to me you claim my word and my name but act differently. This was pertaining to my problems with the neighbors. If you claim protection, plead my blood, and know I have got your back…. why do you continually talked about their bad behavior. Revenge is mine saith the Lord. He like to drop little bombs on me like this. why because he loves me and keeps me on track. Each of us has a journey to be formed to His image and fulfill His destiny. The only difference is the path we are on to accomplish His will. PRAISE THE LORD. See ya Sunday. Paula Jones

  4. It truly is amazing all God has done in Fulton’s life and how he continues to work. My mother has ALS and is unable to talk so I can appreciate what a great gift this will be for him in being able to communicate more freely with others. May God continue to bless your family.

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