$122,000 Save Our Teens & Young Adults Matching Challenge

Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, its impact literally doubled, up to the total of the Challenge.

Your generosity will go twice as far toward reaching troubled young people like Michelle, and sharing the life-giving love of the Lord, before it’s too late.

  • Her boyfriend trashed her ... threw her out like junk ... and crushed her heart.
  • “The person I loved dumped me like it was nothing,” she cried. “I don’t matter to anyone.... I don’t belong here. The world isn’t for someone like me.”
  • She was preparing to take her own life. But by God’s grace, and thanks to your generosity, Michelle found our ministry online.
  • For three solid hours, she chatted with one of our well-trained and deeply dedicated HopeCoaches, who responded with care, with understanding ... and with gentle guidance. Over the course of that long conversation, she pointed Michelle to a Friend called Jesus. And Michelle’s life was spared.

As our struggles with the pandemic continue, young people are struggling even more desperately. Please help save lives, by the power of God’s love, once again, by giving generously today. As you do, your gift will go twice as far through the $122,000 Save Our Teens & Young Adults Matching Challenge. Thank you!

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