Romans 12:10

Fulton’s Field Trip

Dear Praying Friend,

Every week we take Fulton on what we call his field trip. You can imagine how excited he gets when it’s time to go. Fulton has been going to a new place on his field trip. We used to take him to Cracker Barrel. He loves Cracker Barrel! But lately he’s wants to go to O’Charley’s. He worked there a year leading up to the accident. When we’re there, usually a couple of his fellow waiters come up and love on him.

The last time we were there, one waitress came to our table and hugged him. She then started telling about how awesome he’d been at getting tips. She said he’d get to over $100 night after night. She was bragging on him and he loved it! For just a few minutes, he could reflect about what a good waiter he was. You can see why he would want to go to O’Charley’s. He gets so much honor.

It’s a small thing for them to brag on him but not to Fulton. All that encouragement and praise brings joy to his life. I got to thinking about how just a tiny ounce of encouragement can make all the difference in the world. Good news for Fulton, there’s love being passed around at O’Charley’s and he gets to bask in it. It costs so little to praise another but that praise is priceless.

Do you know someone who needs praise? Give it to them. Take it from Fulton, the effort is well worth it!

Paul wrote, “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12:10

Your Friend,


5 thoughts on “Fulton’s Field Trip

  1. Thank you for honoring me today, dear cousin! It was truly beyond wonderful to visit with you on the phone! I hope we can do it more often! I’m so glad Fulton can have wonderful moments too. I will try to “tune into you” at Dawson live some Tues or Thurs. soon. I’ll work on getting some family pictures sent to you as soon as I can. Love you. Cousin Anna Ruth 🙂

  2. That is such a sweet and heartwarming event for Fulton. So happy for him and what special friends to acknowledge him in that way.
    Praying for you, your ministry to hurting kids and your dear family.

  3. Dawson. Up until lately I had been receiving your weekly updates on Fulton. Even though we have never met or communicated before now. From the beginning of the first email you put out about Fulton’s accident we have been a prayer partner. It excites me even though he is an invalid to see how much joy he creates. The Lord uses many thing to glorify himself to others And Fulton is one pf them.

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