For Bridgette’s Salvation


Dear Prayer Champions,

This week on ThePrayerZone Bridgette posted this request:

Listen this is the first time I ever done anything thing like this and I don’t really get it, but I’m going to try. I have major Depression and I used the hopeline a couple of time and it made me feel better, but anyway I have never been religious and I’m kinda at the end of my rope where I’m willing to try to be but I really don’t know how. I don’t know if I believe in God but I want to try to. Anyway this may just sound stupid to some of you people, but if anyone have any tips I’m will to give anything a shot. Thank you! 

Three of us have been praying for Bridgette on ThePrayerZone, will you join us? I welcome you to post your prayer on ThePrayerZone so that Bridgette can read it. Or just stop and pray right now.

Together let us pray Bridgette into the Kingdom of God!

Dear Lord we ask that you continue to move in Bridgette’s heart and draw her into a relationship with you. Please give her understanding, surround her with people to guide her, equip her to take that leap of faith and surrender her life to you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I can only imagine the rejoicing in heaven when Bridgette gives her life to God.

Thank you for being a Prayer Champion!

Praying and Believing,


Jennifer DeJong

Prayer Champion Team Lead



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