Life Lessons 2022.04.16

Finding the Cause of the Rage

Anger can fester over years of unforgiveness. It can turn into rage and hurt the people you love the most. In this week’s call, Zach talks with Dawson about how cruel he is to his girlfriend. Listen closely, as Dawson gets to the heart of Zach’s issue, which turns out to be unforgiveness.


(Introduction) Is the young adult in your life in need of hope? Well, hope is here… a call with Dawson McAllister.

Zach: I’ve had this fiancée for the last 4 years. We’ve been up and down with our relationship. And after I proposed two years ago, she left me for almost a year, because I couldn’t treat her right.

She came back to me about 5 months ago, and she’s about ready to leave me again, because I still can’t treat her right.

Dawson: How are you treating her poorly? What are you doing?

Zach: When I get angry, I go way way too far.

Dawson: Meaning?

Zach: I cuss a lot. I yell.

Dawson: Do you hit her?

Zach: No, never! I would never do that.

Dawson: But you do cruel things?

Zach: I tell her to get out of my house… leave… I don’t ever want to see her again. And it’s just the anger inside of me that’s speaking. I don’t know how to control it and keep it in, because I don’t want to say those things.

Dawson: Well, to begin with – you guys need a time out.

Zach: Yes, I know. 

Dawson: You need to focus on Zach and Zach alone. Because bro, you’ve got some issues. 

Zach: Yes, I know I do. I just realized that I finally need help to control them. 

Dawson: You’re angry at somebody, and you take it out on her. But there’s some people in your life you have not forgiven. And there’s some hurt from way back in your life.

Now, a counselor can find out, with your cooperation – dig deep into your life and find out what’s causing the rage, and who you need to forgive. But unless you take a time out now and really show your girlfriend that you are trying to change. She broke up with you before, she’ll do it again. 

(Conclusion) Connecting with teens and young adults is hard, especially today. Learn how to help the teen or young adult in your life by going to:

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