Psalm 127:5a

Family is a Beautiful Thing

Dear Praying Friend,

Family is a beautiful thing. The Lord talks about how powerful it can be. Speaking of having children, He said, “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”(Psalm 127:5a) God has designed a special closeness between brothers and sisters and all family members. God reminded me of this last week.

We had a birthday party for my youngest son, Gene, who is 4 years younger than Fulton. They were teasing each other about the other’s age. Fulton knows exactly how old he is, in comparison to his brother. Gene said, “Just remember, Fulton, no matter what, you will always be 4 years older than me.” Fulton thought that was funny and laughed over it. I knew there was more to it. Gene has agreed to take care of Fulton if something should happen to my wife, Ruth Hill, and me. That’s a huge commitment! Gene was saying, I’ll be here for you. You’re my brother, whether you are 4 years older than me or 400 years. We will always be brothers.

No matter what happens to my boys in the future. I’m so grateful God gave them to us as His special gift. If you get a chance, contact someone in your family and tell them your commitment to be there for them. It’s God’s way!

Your Friend,


One thought on “Family is a Beautiful Thing

  1. I have four sons who lost one of their brothers in an accident. I can tell the other brothers want to be close but think it is a struggle sometimes. The thought of losing another one can be challenging. Refreshing to hear your son’s commitment to his brother in any situation. I think I can rest assured my sons would do the same.

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