Romans 14:7

Family Celebration

This Saturday, our family will be celebrating my son Gene’s 30th birthday. Fulton is always excited when we celebrate as a family. There’s a big room in the nursing home, right across the hall from Fulton that is given for us to use. 

Fulton gets to see his brother and that’s a big deal to him. It’s always moving to watch the two of them interact, in spite of the heartache both have gone through. Gene has a special way of interacting with Fulton. Yet, in many ways Fulton is not the same brother he was before. 

One thing I hope Gene has come to understand, “We don’t live to ourselves or die to ourselves.” (Romans 14:7) There are always others involved in the events of our lives, both for good and bad. Gene still suffers too. I hope we can talk more about his feelings, in a good father-son heart to heart talk. So, pray for my son, Gene, that God will encourage him even as he spends time with his brother. Please pray for us all.

Your Friend,


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