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Your support for the ministry enables us to release eBooks on topics of crucial importance to today’s teens and young adults. Here are just a few responses from those whose lives have been touched by this unique outreach.

 Understanding SuicideUnderstanding Suicide

  • “What I especially like that about the eBook was how you made it very clear that no matter what, God never fails in his love, the greatest love above any human being.”



Getting Over a Broken Heart Getting Over a Broken Heart

  • “Perhaps it was His will that I found you online today. Just before that, I was shaking with a tightened chest and couldn’t breathe. After three days of this feeling I couldn’t take it any longer. I prayed last night for the first time in YEARS for help. I found this site. Thank you and thank God.”


Understanding Lying Understanding Lying

  • “This is very enlightening. Thanks so much for this excellent piece of work. May the Lord increase you as you help many people around the world with the true message of doing what is right before God.”


Understanding Self-Worth Understanding Self-Worth and Self-Hate

  • “Thank you for giving me a new perspective and letting me know that I can actually get rid of the inner critic that started to feel like a friend till death … I have pushed beautiful relationships away from me, thinking that I am not worthy of love … thank you so much for the eBook :)”


Understanding DatingUnderstanding Dating

  • “This book was really helpful. I found out that I was a love addict and looking for love in wrong places. God is my ultimate fulfillment.”



Understanding Depression Understanding Depression

  • “This book helped me realize I’m not alone. Hearing the audio of other people speaking about their struggles made me feel not alone. I now know I’m not alone although physically I am, but if I ever need help I know who to contact.”




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