Do You Realize What You Did?

shutterstock_627623021 (1)Shame and disgust. Morgan was drowning in self-loathing and guilt … struggling with a terrible porn addiction that was consuming her thoughts, day and night.

In a moment of weakness, she acted out on one of her fantasies and was left feeling used, ashamed, and emptier than before.

She decided it was time to end it all. She came up with a very detailed plan and purchased the supplies she needed to hang herself.

But first, on a “whim,” she connected with a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine.  For three hours, the HopeCoach loved her and reasoned with her — and shared the message of hope that change can happen, that God forgives, and that new life in Him is possible.

At 3:15 a.m., Morgan typed: “Wow! Sometimes I think God sends us heroes and I think I found one tonight. Do you realize what you did? You saved my life.

Thank you for keeping this proven-powerful ministry going strong.

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