Dawson’s Shows

Dawson’s Podcast

Dawson McAllister speaks truth about the tough issues young people face today. In his podcast, he takes a deep dive into a different topic each week; such as love addiction, mother abandonment, depression, what to do when you hate yourself and more. The podcast takes some of the best calls from past shows and adds in new insights and a spiritual perspective. Each episode is designed to help people understand their own struggles and help them make good decisions going forward. Dawson brings his 26 years of broadcast radio experience, to share clear thinking and biblical truths to an audience seeking hope.

Dawson McAllister Live On-Line

The same great show you came to love on the radio every Sunday night is now on-line.  Dawson McAllister and his co-host Rachel Cardinal bring clear thinking, and a whole lot of hope and encouragement to their callers. You can listen to the weekly show and an archive of past shows all on-line.

The Prayer Show

It’s About Community, Love, Hope, Humility, Power, and Seeking God Through Prayer

Dawson McAllister and his co-host Rachel Cardinal host a show all about prayer. People join the live show to request prayer and also to pray for others. Dawson and Rachel live stream The Prayer Show four times a week on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. The show is live  Sunday nights at 6:00 pm CT. We need those who are willing to pray for others. We would love for you to check it out and join us to pray and be prayed for!

Please go to Dawson’s Facebook page and like the page in order to be notified each time the show goes live.

Struggles in life can be overwhelming but the Lord cares and we are privileged to lift the concerns of others up to God!

Ask Dawson

ask dawson

There’s no better person to get right in the mix of your issues than Dawson McAllister. Listen as Dawson McAllister talks with callers about the struggles they are facing. You’ll laugh, cry, and get pulled into the stories they share. During each call, you’ll hear the caller explain what they are going through and then hear straight up advice from Dawson. Dawson McAllister is known for giving honest feedback without sugar coating it. He’s been giving encouragement, hope, and help to those needing it for many years. His goal has always been to help people take the next right step in life. Here’s Dawson’s library of audio calls for you to check out!