"There are 'friends' who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother."

Close Friends Are Priceless!

Here’s a word from Dawson…

I want to ask you a simple question because it’s worth asking.

Do you have a real friend or close friends?

Close friends are absolutely priceless!

Most people say, in studies about friends and friendship, that they have enough acquaintances, but what they really need are more real friends.

If you don’t have a real friend, I want to encourage you big time to find one. It takes some work, takes some vulnerability, takes some time and it’s all worth it.

A really good friend is priceless!

My friend, Dawson McAllister, created many timely life lessons for the everyday challenges we all face, I’m honored to continue sharing them with you each week.

Your Friend,
Tim Altman
President and CEO
Dawson McAllister Association/TheHopeLine, Inc.

Be sure to listen to Dawson’s recorded version of this Life Lesson by clicking play.

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