Why thehopeline.com ranks high in Google

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overcome depression

How To Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

(by Tribe Member Leah) I love to read what millennials have to say. I have featured many guest blogs written by young adults because I think understanding their perspective is read more

my road to grace

My Road To Grace

(by Taber) This post is written by a young lady named Taber and was originally published on Heart Support, it has been reused with permission by: The Heart Support Team. Heart Support read more

people hate themselves

Why Do People Hate Themselves?

(by Dawson McAllister) A Culture of Self-Hate Self-Hate… Would you believe that this is one of the top issues we deal with on TheHopeLine.com. In fact, two of our Top 10 read more

Mandisa interview

Mandisa: Out of the Dark

(by Rachel Cardinal) Rachel from our ministry staff was recently given the privilege of interviewing, Christian singer and grammy award winning artist, Mandisa. I would like to share the interview read more

mend a friendship

5 Sure Tips to Mend a Friendship

(by Dawson McAllister) Do you find yourself playing second fiddle to your teen’s friends all of a sudden? Do you find your teen’s mood rises and falls with how well read more