All is Calm at the Nursing Home

All is Calm at the Nursing Home

Our prayers are being answered. Fulton is back in the nursing home and is excited as he can be. What an ordeal for him! A total of 7 weeks in the hospital, fighting a vicious infection.

I felt so sorry for Fulton. He was poked, prodded and forced to stay in one bed all that time. Sometimes he would resist the nurses because they brought him pain but then he would calm down again and allow them to do what they needed to do.

Throughout this ordeal I have viewed myself as Fulton’s advocate, asking the questions, encouraging the staff and helping Fulton face each day. So, for today he is okay. We are praising God for it!! Your prayers have been priceless! Where would he have been without your prayers? We don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I do know God is still God, He will be there for Fulton. What other hope do we have? But the sufficiency of Jesus, trusting Him day by day.

As I was leaving the nursing home, God brought Psalm 37:25 to my mind, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” What a promise!

Your Friend,

5 thoughts on “All is Calm at the Nursing Home

  1. We are advocates for our children throughout our lives no matter how old they are or what their situation is.
    We are glad he has improved and is back at the nursing home.
    We continue to pray for you and your family.
    GOD’S mercies and blessings are new every morning.

  2. Thank you Lord for being God. Thank you Lord that we can put all of our trust in you. Thank you Lord for allowing us free will. However, your will is the perfect will. Thank you Lord for being a healer, deliver, and powerful! You reign and our Holy!!! Thank you Lord for allowing your perfect will to be done! Amen!!

  3. Dawson and family
    Thank you for sharing the good news. I pray that this night will bring deep healing sleep to Fulton and all of your family. I might have said this before but you have stayed steadfast with God through all of this. (They) say the deeper the pain the deeper the anointing. A family somewhere sometime is going to need what you have been through. We really are God’s connection on earth to bring hope, help and salvation to any one that wants it. I have been so blessed to know you and Rachel.

  4. Dawson,

    My praise is to God, for the gift of healing.

    Our relationship with God continues to improve, and the knowledge that He is our answer to all things.

    I thank God for His awesome love.

    May the ministry to today’s youth, continue to demonstrate this powerful love.

    Jim Nypen

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