Answered Prayers

Thank you for praying on ThePrayerZone this year! You have stood in the gap before God for this younger generation…what a blessing you have been!

I have witnessed changed lives through our prayers this year. Like when Bunny posted a request on ThePrayerZone back in July asking for prayers for her boyfriend:

Please pray for me.  I need wisdom about my relationship.  He has asked me to marry him, but I want to be certain that he is a believer and that he is God’s will for my life.

Then again in October.

I’ve been dating my bf for 3 years. He confessed he is an unbeliever. He has gone to church with me faithfully. He wants me to marry him. I don’t want to be unequally yoked. Please pray for his salvation and my broken heart. I want to stay firm in my commitment to Jesus. I want to marry a Christian man someday.

And then in November she shared this answer to prayer:

Thank you for praying for my boyfriend of 3 years. He made a decision for Christ! We have been meeting with our pastor. Prayer works. Thank you so much!

Praise God!

So far in 2017, all of you, our Prayer Champions, have offered 957 prayers on behalf of others on  ThePrayerZone.  What a marvelous team you are!

Many requests are being prayed for multiple times. What power before God when we agree in prayer over someone!

Please share ThePrayerZone with anyone you know. We desire to change many more lives through the power of prayer.

Thanks again for your partnership in ministry!

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