“Thus far the LORD has helped us."

Another Time to Trust God

There is a stone in our office I pass by every day. Painted on the stone is this verse, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12b

When I see it, I think of Fulton. In just a few short months, this December, it will be 10 years since the accident. How many times I was sure he was going to die. But somehow God graciously brought him through over and over again! I’ve been comforted by the words of Samuel.

Today, I spoke with Fulton’s nurse on the phone. She said Fulton has “coarse lung sounds” which means you can hear his heavy breathing coming from his lungs without even using a stethoscope. She told me they tested him for COVID-19 but did not have the results yet. I could tell from her tone of voice, she was worried BIG time! I said to my wife, Ruth Hill, “Here we go again.” I thought to myself another time to trust God.

As it turned out, the test for COVID-19 was negative, but he still has pneumonia. They have started the antibiotics, and will put a PICC line in tonight. There’s no room for him to go to the local hospital, so they’re treating Fulton’s pneumonia at the nursing home.

I don’t know what is going to happen. He could catch COVID-19 tonight or die of pneumonia. All I know is, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12b) And I take comfort in that. Once again, I treasure your prayers for Fulton. Thank you for caring!

Your Friend,

13 thoughts on “Another Time to Trust God

  1. Dear Friend Dawson,
    “Remove not the old landmarks.” I am so thankful for those old landmarks that have been a part of my 87 years. I still pick up an old notebook now and then to read some of the notes I made while listening to your show on Sunday nights and writing down the great comments kids made. That was, and is a real blessing. All of God’s ways are for our good. Hold on to all the times He has brought him through these things, you know that “even if” is still simply another step in His watchcare. My prayers for you and Ruth and your family, and all the staff at that nursing home.

    In His hand,

  2. Dawson 🙏🙏❤️ Praying for Fulton going boldly before the Lord for complete healing!

  3. It just breaks my heart in half to know all you and Ruth have gone through watching Fulton suffer for 10 years. As a parent I am very sure I would not have survived this with my own son. I don’t have your strength and I commend you both for your incredible faith and confidence you both have in the Lord. We always ask that your will be done Lord and then we worry ourselves sick when things aren’t going well. It’s human nature for sure. Thousands are praying for you all so Rest In Peace the best you can with that knowledge. God bless you all.

  4. I am praying daily for Fulton and you all. God is amazing and there is nothing he can’t do! You are amazing my friend and I will forever be indebted to you for the love and wisdom you shared with me. Keep close to God my friend.

  5. I and my wife are praying consistently for Fulton and you, his devoted parents of the finest kind……………his grace is sufficient for you!

  6. Dear Lord, Because of your servant Dawson, who you have blessed beyond measure, we ask you to heal Fulton’s lungs once again. We pray that your peace and comfort are with him as he battles for his breath. We ask for a covering of protection against further harm, and for the role his care facility is having to play, in his treatment. Keep Ruth and Dawson “leaning In” and also surrenedered, to trust you with thier beloved son. In Jesus name AMEN

  7. Dawson my heart is glad with lumps in my throat to know it is so Awesome to trust the Lord. What a mighty God we serv. Amen

  8. Hi Dawson, I am always praying for your family and Fulton. This is a frightening time for everyone, and I can’t fathom what life must be like for you and for Fulton. It is definitely a free fall into our Lord’s will and our Lord’s arms – a feeling of complete powerlessness. But we when are weak, he is strong. Prayers for strength and wisdom in this time. May God comfort you.

  9. Continuing prayers to the Great Physician. Asking our Lord to give wisdom to Fulton’s caregivers & peace for y’all. Love & mercy. Give Ruth Hill a hug for me.

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