Psalm 30:5

Amazing Truths I’ve Learned

It’s been over 2 weeks since Fulton was released from the hospital. He had a deadly battle with pneumonia, but God saved his life! What a time of testing but through it all, God has taught me some amazing truths. For example:

  • I learned God can turn things around quickly for His glory.
  • I learned God in His time, will change sorrow to joy.
  • I learned time, with the ones we love, is priceless.
  • I learned the peace and confidence of knowing hundreds of people were praying.
  • I learned we can have a testimony even in the middle of the crisis.

I know many of you are continuing to pray for Ruth Hill so I wanted to give you an update on what’s happening with her.

Her recovery from surgery has been a painful process. She gets tired easily but has been resting when needed. Since the cancers were detected in the early stages and both were contained, her prospects look great. She definitely doesn’t need chemotherapy but there is still some talk of radiation. The decision about her treatment hasn’t been finalized. She wanted me to convey to you how thankful she is for your prayers and messages of encouragement!

Thank you so much for being a part of my life! We wouldn’t have made it without you.

Your Friend,

“For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5

9 thoughts on “Amazing Truths I’ve Learned

  1. God we continue to thank you for your healing! We have all of our hope only in you! We are so grateful to know that we can commit everything to you in prayer!!! Thank you God!!!! We thank you God for dwelling in us and we thank you for being God!!! Thank you!!! Amen!!

  2. I’ve finally getting it. I always thought and believed I could fix just about every circumstance in my life and others. Though I thought I was trusting God I was still holding on and trying to help. It wasn’t helping. I was running the show. It is humbling. As I have shared the need for prayer on the show concerning my job and family it time to ask for prayer for me. I pray for clarity concerning my growth and healing. I thank God for having found the Hope Line.

  3. I pray for the needs that you list in your newsletter each time I receive one. Your stories about Fulton are so encouraging. I know this is a time of suffering, but the lessons you are learning are teaching so many people how to rely on God Thank you for being a faithful servant of the Lord.!

  4. I am so glad that Fulton and Ruth Hill are progressing very well. I will continue to pray for their recovery, and that Ruth Hill will not need any radiation. I keep you in my prayers too dear Dawson. I know these sicknesses have been a great trial for you, and you need strength too! Love to you all. Ann

  5. Dawson,

    It has been an honor to petition the Lord; for you, Ruth, Fulton, your family, and for the kids of this nation and world.

    This will never be an overnight matter.

    Thank you,

    Jim Nypen

  6. I love this verse, Psalm 143:8 “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You.” What a great God we have. I am thankful for answered prayer for Fulton and for Ruth Hill.
    In His Love,

  7. Dawson, So glad that things are headed in the right direction. What a battle your family endured. God bless you all. Blessings, JeanieK

  8. Dawson, thank you for the positive update on Fulton and Ruth Hill. We will continue to pray for each of you and the life issues you are facing. We serve a gracious God and He always has our best interests for our unique needs. Please give my warmest regards to Ruth Hill, Fulton and my sweet friend, Addison. You are daily in my thoughts and prayers for the work and ministry God has called you to serve.
    Nancy & Ron

  9. Dear God, I praise you for your presence in our lives in the comfort you give us and our times of trouble. I pray that you continue to give Ruth and Dawson opportunities to raise Your Name on High and give thanks! Bless them for their faithfulness and bless all those who prayed for them. We praise you for the healing that you have done and how you have helped them stand strong in the midst of difficulty. Heath Dawson happy and help Ruth regain her strength and bring full recovery to her body. Keep Dawson close, forever teaching him your truths! In Jesus name AMEN

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