"Three things will last forever-faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love."

Amazing Dividends From Love

Here’s a word from Dawson…

Several years ago, I’m doing the show, right, taking the calls, and a little voice said to me, “Why don’t you start telling your audience that you love them. Because you do, right?” Yes, I do. And I thought, I’m not going to do that because it’s cheesy. They’ll think ah your Mister Rogers in the neighborhood. But it kept coming back so I said, “I’m going to. I’m going to try it.”

So, the time came, at the end of the show I just said, “I want you to know you guys, I love you. I just really do. I really care about you. I love you. I’m in your corner.”

I got an email from a girl, the next day. And she said, “Dawson, you’re the first person to ever tell me that I love you.” It was difficult to say but the dividends were amazing. Try it, it might just work!

My friend, Dawson McAllister, created many timely life lessons for the everyday challenges we all face, I’m honored to continue sharing them with you each week.

Your Friend
Tim Altman
President and CEO
Dawson McAllister Association/TheHopeLine, Inc.

Be sure to listen to Dawson’s recorded version of this Life Lesson by clicking play.

One thought on “Amazing Dividends From Love

  1. This is so beautiful!!! I love telling people I love them and I can tell that it’s weird for some. Thank you so much for sharing this

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