Bob and Kennie Smith

Adversity Into Hope

I don’t remember the date I first heard Dawson, but I do remember I thought his voice over the air was one of the kindest voices I had ever heard. It was gentle, calm, and reassuring. Full of hope, it stirred both me and my husband Bob. We instantly knew Dawson was a man anointed by God!

We quickly understood that truth and wisdom were his gifts, and his soft-spoken way was inspired. We were soon led by the Lord to support Dawson with his calling to help young people who didn’t see any other option but to take their life.

It seems strange that kids would be so desperate to end their young lives when my aging parents fought their failing bodies and confused minds so desperately to live. But battle they did, till the very end. Amazingly, teens and young adults from every walk of life find themselves at the end of their hope. That’s the lifeline Dawson and his followers share with them all: TheHopeLine!

Of course, this vital concept makes perfect sense. Christians helping the lost, listening with open hearts and sharing the Love and Hope for a tomorrow only Christ offers.

Our love for Dawson and his ministry deepened after his son Fulton’s devastating accident late in 2010. While Fulton struggled to live, Dawson stayed strong and faithful to God’s Son and to his ministry. It both amazes and inspires me how he uses Fulton’s victories and setbacks to bring us all closer to God.

Life is a challenge. Some handle these trials better than others. Dawson has turned his adversity into hope and inspiration. His message, “Life is for Living,” is best served following Jesus Christ.

Bob and I are blessed to witness and share in the work of Dawson McAllister ministries. We want Dawson and his life-saving team, those who work so unselfishly for the Kingdom of Christ, to know that we are praying for them every single day.

Please know that they all are loved and deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Kennie & Bob Smith, Tabernacle, New Jersey

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