"I will instrust you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

A ‘Who Knew’ Person

Here’s a word from Dawson…

I went to Bethel College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, a church school, a Christian school. I went there about 100 years ago. And we had a reunion, and I couldn’t go.

One of the professors got up and she was doing kind of a comedy routine, looking at the past and some of the people – I heard about this, I wasn’t there – And she said, “Ah Dawson McAllister…who knew!?! Who knew back when he was a freshman or sophomore at Bethel College that he would end up doing what he is known for all over the country for with all these radio shows! They were all laughing…who knew…who knew!

Who did know?

I sure didn’t.

People say, “Why isn’t it revealed to me what I’m going to be in 30 or 40 years?”

You know why? You wouldn’t believe it anyway. It’d be too much. So, don’t worry about where you are right now. You might just be a ‘Who Knew’ Person. Nothing wrong with that!

My special prayer request today is for our pandemic generation – the students and young adults who are struggling to see any future at all. But like my dear friend Dawson, our loving God knows exactly the plans he as for them. Ask the Lord to reach out and capture their hearts today.

Your Friend,
Tim Altman
President and CEO
Dawson McAllister Association/TheHopeLine, Inc.

Be sure to listen to Dawson’s recorded version of this Life Lesson by clicking play.

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