1 Thessalonians 5:11

A Vulnerable Moment

Dear Praying Friend,

I had a moving experience the other day at the nursing home. There’s a nursing assistant, named Theresa. She has worked at nursing homes for 21 years and is especially good with Fulton. I have wondered how she could be so committed to her patients, making so little earnings.

I could tell talking to her, she was very sad. She told me her mother, who was young, had just died of cancer. Theresa had been her main caregiver. Here she was just a few weeks after her mother’s death, back at work again. So, we talked about grieving and the way it has affected both of us. It was a very vulnerable moment.

She said one day she found herself over at her mother’s house and had no idea how she had managed to get there. She was also struggling having to sort through her mother’s belongings. I asked if I could pray for her right then and there. It was very touching for me to see this woman comforted by my simple prayer for her.

As I left the nursing home, it struck me, without Fulton being there, I could have never met this woman, never been able to encourage her. God has long term plans and it’s beautiful to see Him work them out.

“Therefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also you do.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

I thank God, He allowed me to do it that day!

Your Friend,


3 thoughts on “A Vulnerable Moment

  1. Thank you for sharing this time of vulnerable moment Dawson. I have found myself in similar situations and I was so got up in my own issues I almost missed the Spirit and as my husband and I call it “God Appointment”

    I am so glad that HE is patient with us and HIS Grace HE gives us. This individual probably had no one else she could really talk to and GOD knew it that is why HE put you in the resthome that very moment/day. HE knows you are “Faithful and intuned to HIS leading”

    We as Christ Followers need to step back from ourselves (most the time) and be more sensitive to HIS voice.

    Christine Christiansen

  2. Lord, am I close to You so that You can use me today, not distracted by my life? Am I listening for Your Spirit urging action from Your heart, not mine? I know sometimes that I have just missed what You wanted from me. Please forgive and prepare me for the next moment that I can serve. In Jesus name.

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