“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

A Breakthrough for Addison

I saw a wonderful breakthrough with my granddaughter, Addison. Her dealing with the hurt of what happened to her father can be difficult. She no doubt asks herself, why can’t her father be like all the others?

Her best friend came over to spend the night. I promised I would take them to the mall. I asked Addison if her best friend had ever met Fulton. She said, “No.” So, I said, “I’ll take you to the mall, but your dad needs to go too.” When we arrived, I said to her, “I’m going to stay here on this bench but you and your friend need to take your dad shopping. You’ll have to push the wheelchair.” She agreed and seemed willing to do it. So, off they went pushing Fulton down the long corridor into the stores.

Forty-five minutes later they came back and all was well. Fulton seemed happy and Addison had a breakthrough. She had a chance to grow and took it. I was so proud of her, leaving her comfort zone and taking the task of a servant. It showed me how God is working in the midst of a young girl’s pain. It’s okay for her friends to see her dad and there’s something very good about serving. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” (Matthew 20:27)

Your Friend,


5 thoughts on “A Breakthrough for Addison

  1. Dawson, that’s wonderful. Addison is showing maturity and you have every reason to be proud of her.
    Give her my love and good wishes.


  2. How absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. May God bless Addison and her friend with his love and humble compassion for all!

  3. Praising God Dawson for this experience you had with Addison! What a blessing God has showered you with, for because the two of you were fearless and trusted God.

  4. Dawson,

    Thanks for the reminder of servantud. We serve a loving and sovereign God. Yahweh gave His Son Jesus for us.
    My prayers for Fulton, and for you and your wife, will now include your granddaughter Addison.
    Thanks be to God,

    Jim Nypen

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