Dawson McAllister Association

There Must Be Something Deeper

David has everything in life he ever wanted… a great girlfriend, awesome friends, a close family, and a job he loves, but something’s still missing. Listen as Dawson helps him read more

My Dad Says I’m Worthless

Carrie and her father’s relationship is strained. Her father’s said some hurtful, and negative things to her. Listen, as Dawson gives advice on repairing their relationship. Transcript: (Introduction) When your read more

Inner Vs. Outer Beauty

Society looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Dawson brings that spiritual perspective to Eliza as he encourages her to work on her inner beauty. Transcript: read more

What Happens if You Quit?

Mother Abandonment can be devastating. Listen in as Dawson helps Cody come to grips with its’ long-lasting impact on his life. Transcript: (Introduction) When your student or young adult is read more