2018 in Review

Thank You

To God be the Glory!

Reach, Rescue, and Restore … these aren’t just “words” to us — this is the heartbeat of our ministry together. And by God’s grace, 2018 was a year where we became better and stronger at reaching, rescuing, and restoring the digital generation.

As you know, 2018 was a banner year for our ministry … one that saw us significantly increase our digital outreach, thanks to your support of our massive online rescue operation.

  • Dawson’s personal online radio ministry launched last January and has grown from one show a week to five. Over 20,000 people are tuning in each month. Our goal this year is to grow this outreach to 10 shows per week.
  • We completed a major renovation of TheHopeLine.com … and launched the new site a few months ago. Visits to TheHopeLine.com have grown by nearly 100,000 per month. Our goal in 2019 is to increase from 2.6 million visits to 3.5 million.
  • We are currently offering 100 hours of Live Chat each week. Our goal for 2019 is 150 hours. Even more exciting? The opportunity for our HopeCoaches to have a faith conversation and/or present the gospel during a chat has grown by 20%!
  • We just received a $50,000 grant to build phase one of a project we call “Virtual Coach.” It will intuitively guide users into additional web-based resources tailored to meet their specific need. At the right moment, it will connect them with a live HopeCoach.

Together, we continue to create new and innovative ways to take the love of God to the online mission field to which we’ve been called.

And thanks to your faithfulness, we’re improving in the most important of our tasks — to expose more young people than ever before to Jesus’ love and hope, and the message of salvation.

Thank you for being a vital part of reaching, rescuing, and restoring countless lives!

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  1. Praises be to tthe God who is able! I am lifting my thanks for these blessings on the ministry, and pray for continued guidance for the leaders, and an outpouring of prayer and donations from its supporters! Let us pray often for TheHopeLine!

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